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Disaster Preparedness Training Opportunities

Individuals interested in learning more about emergency management through class-based or independent study training classes have several options. Some are available through state or federal emergency management ( BOAH, in cooperation with State Emergency Management Agency, offers a one-day class specific to animal issues in Indiana.

"Animal Issues in Disasters"

This one-day class is led by BOAH staff members.  Upon request, BOAH will instruct individual, customized classes for specific groups, industries or communities to meet the needs of a group.

"Animal Issues in Disasters" presents an overview of topics surrounding animal-related emergencies. The first half of the course addresses health emergencies, such as the economic, social, emotional and logistical impacts of a large-scale animal health emergency, such as a highly pathogenic avian influenza or foot-and-mouth disease event in the United States. Learn about other diseases of concern and their potential impact. Find out how BOAH and USDA veterinarians work to control and eradicate such diseases. The second half of the class guides participants through the process of planning and preparing for emergencies, such as floods or chemical spills, that can impact animal populations. The course ends with a mini-tabletop exercise to put those preparedness steps into action at the community level.

Upon completion of the course, participants will have an understanding of a local animal disaster response plan, as well as an understanding of how events would unfold under Indiana's state emergency response plan. Continuing education credit is available for some professionals, upon completion of the class.

To request this class in your area, contact BOAH at:

Other Recommended Courses and Resources

Emergency Management Institute (EMI) offers several related independent study courses:

  • Emergency Preparedness, USA (IS-2)

  • Animals in Disaster, Module A, Awareness and Preparedness (IS-10)

  • Animals in Disaster, Module B, Community Planning (IS-11)

  • Basic Incident Command System (IS-195)

  • Role of Emergency Operations Center in Community Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Activities (IS-275)

For more information, visit EMI's website.

State Emergency Management Agency Public Safety Training Institute offers these related courses:

  • Decision Making-Problem Solving/Leadership and Influence

  • Introduction to Emergency Management

For more information, visit Indiana Department of Homeland Security .