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Animal Care and Welfare

Want to report animal neglect/abuse in Indiana?

Select a county to find the contact information for making a report.

Animal welfare concerns involving dogs, cats and other pets should be reported to local animal control and law enforcement agencies. BOAH does not have the authority to investigate concerns related to dogs, cats or other pets.
Animal welfare concerns involving livestock, horses and poultry should be reported to local animal control and/or law enforcement agencies. Livestock, horse and poultry concerns, including carcass disposal, may also be reported to BOAH (see below).

Scroll down for detailed information about Indiana's abuse and neglect laws.

County Name Here

Adams County Sheriff's Department

Phone: 260-724-5345

Allen County Sheriff's Field Service Officers

Phone: 260-449-7491

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control

Phone: 260-427-1244

Bartholomew Sheriff's Department

Phone: 812-372-1935

City of Columbus

Phone: 812-379-1689

Benton County Sheriff's Department


Phone: 765-884-0080 (ext.2)

Blackford County Sheriff's Department

Phone: 765-348-0930 (ext. 1)

Boone County Sheriff's Office


Phone: 765-482-1412

Brown County Sheriff's Office


Phone:  812-988-6655

Carroll County Sheriff's Office

Phone:765-564-2413 (ext. 1)

Cass County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  574-722-6060

Clark County Animal Shelter

Phone:  812-280-5692

Jeffersonville Animal Shelter

Phone:  812-282-0071 (option 3)

Clay County Sheriff's Department

Phone: 812-446-2535 (option 5)

Clinton County Sheriff's Department

Phone: 765-654-5563 (ext. 1)

Crawford County Sheriff's Department

Phone: 812-338-3616

City of Washington Animal Control

Phone:  812-254-8226

Daviess County Sheriff's Office

Phone:  812-254-1060

Dearborn County Animal Control

Phone:  812-537-0913

Greensburg/Decatur County Animal Control


Phone:  812-663-9081

Dekalb County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  260-925-3365 (option 1)

Muncie Animal Care and Services

Phone:  765-747-4851

Jasper Police Department

Phone: 812-482-2255

Dubois County Sheriff's Department

Phone: 812-482-3522

Elkhart Humane Society Animal Control


Phone:  574-475-4732

City of Nappanee


Phone:  574-475-4732

Fayette County Animal Shelter


Phone:  765-825-8693

New Albany - Floyd County Animal Control



Phone:  765-294-5998

Fountain County Sheriff

Phone:  765-793-2449

Franklin County Animal Shelter

Phone:  765-207-0055 (small animal only)

Franklin County Sheriff's Department

Phone 765-647-4138 (option 1)

Fulton County Animal Control


Phone:  574-223-2819

Gibson County Animal Services

Phone:  812-386-8079

Marion Animal Care & Control


Phone:  765-668-4491

Phone:  765-753-2417 (Text only)

Greene County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  812-384-4411

City of Linton Police Department

Phone:  812-847-4411

City of Jasonville Police Department

Phone:  812-665-2694

City of Bloomfield Police Department

Phone: 812-384-4411

Hamilton County Sheriff's Office


Phone:  317-773-1282

Greenfield/Hancock Co Animal Manage. Dept

Phone:  317-477-4367

Harrison County Animal Control

Phone:  812-738-8163

(Can go to and send a complaint)

Hendricks County Animal Shelter


Phone:  317-745-9250

New  Castle/Henry Co Animal Shelter

Phone:  765-529-8131

Kokomo Humane Society

Phone:  765-452-6224

Huntington County Sheriff's Office

Phone:  260-356-8316

Jackson County Sheriff's Office

Phone:  812-358-2141 (option 4)

Jasper County Animal Control

Phone:  219-866-5756 (dogs and cats)

Jasper County Sheriff's Office

Phone:  219-866-7344

Jay County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  260-726-7541

Jefferson County Animal Control

phone:  812-265-2648

Jennings County Animal Control


Phone:  812-346-5725

Johnson County Animal Control


Phone:  317-738-6092

Knox County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  812-882-7660

City of Vincennes Animal Control

Phone:  812-882-8826

Warsaw Police Department


phone: 574-372-9515

Kosciusko County Sheriff's Office

phone: 574-267-5667 (ext. 3)

Lagrange County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  260-463-7491 (option 1)

Livestock complaints

Lagrange County Animal Control

Phone:  260-585-3559 (cat and dog only)

ARK Animal Sanctuary/ARK Animal Rescue

Phone:  260-463-4142 (cat and dog only)

Lake County Sheriff's Office

Phone:  219-660-0000 (all domestic species)

Gary Animal Control

Phone:  219-660-0000

Lake County Animal Control/Shelter

Phone:  219-769-7016 (closed to public, but leave a message and they will call back - dogs & cats)

LaPorte Animal Control


Phone:  219-326-1637

Michigan City Animal Control

Phone:  219-874-3221 (dogs and cats)

Lawrence County Animal Control

Phone:  812-275-3316

Madison County Sheriff's Office

Phone:  765-642-0221

Mayor's Action Center


phone: 317-327-4622

Marshall County Sheriff's Department


Phone: 574-936-3187

Martin County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  812-247-3726

Miami County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  765-472-1322

Monroe County Animal Control


Phone:  812-349-2585

Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County

Phone:  301-740-2511

Morgan County Sheriff's Department 

Phone:  765-342-5544

City of Mooresville

Phone:  317-831-3434 (ext. 5)

Morgan County Animal Control


Newton County Animal Control

Phone: 219-285-6777

Noble County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  260-636-2182 (option 1)

Ohio County Animal Shelter

Phone:  812-438-9220

Orange County Sheriff's Office

Phone:  812-723-2417

Orange County Humane Society

Phone:  812-723-4142

Owen County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  812-829-4874

Parke County Sheriff's Department


Phone:  765-569-5413 (option 0)

Perry County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  812-547-2441

Pike County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  812-354-6024

City of Winslow Animal Control

Phone:  812-582-0089

Porter County Animal Control

phone:  219-477-3110

Posey County Animal Control

Phone:  812-838-1320

Pulaski County Sheriff's Office

Phone:  574-946-6655

Putnam County Sheriff's Department 

Phone:  765-653-5115

Humane Society of Putnam County 


Winchester Animal Control


Phone:  765-305-1500

Ripley County Sheriff's Office

phone: 812-689-5558

Rushville Animal Shelter

Phone:  765-932-4754

Scott County Animal Control


Phone:  812-752-4380

Shelby County Animal Control



Phone:  317-401-1409

Phone:  317-401-1401

Spencer County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  812-649-2286

Humane Society of St. Joseph County

Phone:  574-255-4726

South Bend Animal Resource Center

Phone:  574-235-9303

Starke County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  574-772-3771 (option 2)

Steuben County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  260-665-3131

Angola Police Department

Phone:  260-665-2121

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Phone:  812-268-4308 (option 1)

Switzerland County Animal Shelter and AC


Phone: 812-534-3090

Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Department

Phone: 765-423-9321

City of Lafayette

Phone:  765-807-1200

City of West Lafayette

Phone:  765-474-5222

Tipton County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  765-675-7004 (option 4)

Union County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  765-458-5194

County Dog Warden

Phone: 765-580-2800 (Dogs only)

Vanderburgh County Animal Control

Phone:  812-435-6015

Vermillion County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  765-492-3737

Vigo Co. Dispatch non-emergency line

Phone:  812-232-3801

Terre Haute Animal Control

Phone:  812-244-2530

Wabash County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  260-563-9223

Warren County ACO


Phone:  765-762-7232

Warrick County Animal Control

Phone:  812-897-6107

Washington County Sheriff's Department 

Phone:  812-883-5999

City of Salem

Phone:  812-883-3673

Wayne County Sheriff's Office 

Phone:  765-962-9523

Richmond Animal Control

phone: 765-962-9523

Bluffton Animal Shelter


Phone:  260-824-6063

White County Animal Control

phone: 574-583-7103

City of Monticello

phone: 574-583-7103

Whitley County Sheriff's Department

Phone:  260-244-6410

Whitley County Health Department

Phone:  260-248-3121

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Indiana Animal Laws

  • Livestock, Horse and Poultry

    In cases involving livestock (including horses) and poultry, BOAH has jurisdiction to enforce the agency's standards of care (345 IAC 14). In addition, BOAH works in cooperation with local law enforcement or animal control to investigate violations of criminal code.

    Reports of improper disposal of livestock and poultry carcasses will be reviewed by BOAH for appropriate action.

    Suspected cases/complaints may be submitted to BOAH online via the online button below, by phone at (877) 747-3038, or via e-mail at Complaints must include contact information for the submitter to allow appropriate follow-up in case further information is needed.

    Individuals submitting complaints will not be notified of the outcome of the investigation.

    Animal Welfare/Dead Animal Complaint Form

    For more information about Indiana's Livestock and Poultry Care Law click here.

  • Dog, Cats and Other Small Animals

    Enforcement of Indiana's neglect and abuse law for small (companion) animals falls to the jurisdiction of local animal control or law enforcement agencies. BOAH does not have the leading authority in these situations, except for licensed commercial dog breeding operations. Upon their request, BOAH will assist local animal control or law enforcement in assessing animals and their living conditions. BOAH will also evaluate the condition of the animals when requested by the court if charges are filed under the animal cruelty law (IC 35-46-3).

    To report suspected abuse and/or neglect, contact your local animal control agency. If your county or city does not have an animal control agency, contact local law enforcement through the sheriff’s department for assistance. Often, animal control is a part of the sheriff's department.

  • Pet Stores, Rescues and Shelters
  • Commercial Dog Breeders and Brokers
    • House Enrolled Act 1412 has amended the commercial dog breeder and broker requirements, the legislative change takes effect on July 1, 2024.
      • A commercial dog breeder is defined as; a person who maintains more than 19 unaltered female dogs that are at least 12 months of age.
      • A commercial dog broker is defined as; someone who sells at least 500 dogs in one calendar year OR are licensed with the USDA.
    • To learn more about the registration requirements for commercial dog breeders and brokers, please click here
  • Livestock Markets

    In January 1998, the Board of Animal Health revised the rules regulating livestock dealers and markets. A new section in the rule addresses the care and handling of livestock at markets in Indiana.

    Every person licensed to operate a market facility (including livestock auction markets, stockyards and concentration points) in Indiana must maintain a minimum standard of care for animals in that facility. Livestock housed at a market for more than 24 hours must have access to feed and water.

    Use of implements, such as electric prods, canes, whips, paddles or canvas straps, to drive animals must be limited only to the extent reasonably necessary to handle or drive livestock.

    More information about livestock markets is online at:

  • Non-Ambulatory Animals

    Occasionally, because of illness or injury, individual animals arrive at a market conscious, unable to walk or stand without assistance.

    State law prohibits markets from accepting delivery of these nonambulatory (or "downed") livestock. However, market facilities in Indiana may euthanize the animal.

    Markets must have written policies, procedures and equipment in place to handle animals that become nonambulatory after delivery to the facility.

    By law, livestock that becomes nonambulatory after arriving at a market facility must be disposed of within 24 hours of discovery or receiving of notice of the animal's condition. Click here for dead animal disposal requirements.

    More information about handling techniques for nonambulatory animals and a livestock handling guide can be obtained from the National Institute for Animal Agriculture at

    BOAH recognizes the American Veterinary Medical Association's guidelines for euthanasia of animals. The guidelines are available in PDF format for viewing.

Animal Care & Welfare Resource Materials