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Retail Pet Stores

Information for Retail Pet Store Registration

Effective July 1, 2024, Indiana Code 15-21 requires retail pet stores, animal care facilities, and animal rescue operations to register with BOAH.

  • A retail pet store is defined as a commercial enterprise that sells dogs from a place of business at which the seller, buyer, and dog are physically present so the buyer may observe the dog before purchasing.
  • Registration is active for one year. After initial registration, a retail pet store will be required to register annually with the BOAH. A notice of the entity’s registration must be posted in a prominent place of business visible to the public.
  • Indiana Code 15-21

* Please click the button below to complete the registration application for retail pet stores

Retail Pet Store Registration

*Note: This form is NOT for Commercial Dog Breeder or Broker facilities.

Guidance for Retails Pet Stores