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A mini-truck is required to be titled and registered with the BMV. A mini-truck is defined as a truck that:

  • Is powered by an internal combustion engine with a piston or rotary displacement of not less than 660 cubic centimeters (cc);
  • Is 60 inches or less in width;
  • Has an unladen dry weight of 1,600 pounds or less;
  • Can achieve a top speed of not more than 60 miles per hour;
  • Is manufactured with a locking enclosed cab and a heated interior; and
  • Can be operated on a highway.

A truck that meets the definition of a mini-truck is not permitted to be operated on an interstate.

Fees and Taxes

Review the Fee Chart for registration fees.
A mini-truck is assessed an annual vehicle excise tax and, if applicable, a county vehicle excise tax and municipal vehicle excise tax.

Title Requirements

Titles for mini-trucks being titled as a mini-truck for the first time in Indiana must be issued by the BMV Central Office Title Processing department. This includes mini-trucks that may be currently titled as some other type of vehicle (e.g., truck or off-road vehicle). If you own a mini-truck that is currently titled as any other type of vehicle, a new title must be issued that declares the vehicle a mini-truck.

The Mini-Truck Title Application Packet provides a detailed list of the documents required to be submitted with the application for title. Prior to submitting each application, verify that all required information is included.

Download the Mini-Truck Title Application Packet

All subsequent title transactions may be completed at any BMV branch, including, but not limited to, duplicate title applications and transfers of ownership.

Registration Requirements

Insurance:  Proof of insurance is required to register a mini-truck.
License Plate Availability:  A mini-truck is registered with a mini-truck license plate. However, you may choose to register with a Disability or Disabled Hoosier Veteran license plate, if you meet the plate eligibility requirements.

Emissions Testing:  A mini-truck registered in a county that requires emissions testing must be declared as emissions exempt on a Vehicle Inspection Report issued by the emissions test site. The Vehicle Inspection Report must be submitted to the BMV at time of registration. Proof of emissions exemption is required only when the mini-truck is registered for the very first time in Indiana. All subsequent registration transactions do not require proof of emissions exemption, including, but not limited to, registration renewals and transfers of ownership. If you have purchased a mini-truck and live in an county requiring emissions testing, you may contact the BMV at (888) 692-6841 to verify if the BMV has proof of an emissions exemption for the mini-truck on record.

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