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Electronic Lien Overview

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The Indiana BMV E-lien System went live on July 1, 2022. This system will provide process efficiency for stakeholders engaged throughout the lien process. This page provides links to frequently asked questions for both providers and vehicle owners. In addition, this page helps potential service providers navigate the engagement and onboarding process for the E-lien System.

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E-Lien Guide

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Approved E-Lien Service Providers

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E-Lien Lienholder ID Numbers

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FAQs for Service Providers

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FAQs for Vehicle Owners

Ready to get started?

Before you apply to become an approved service provider, there are three items that require your review. The Program Requirements set forth the qualifications a service provider must comply with to participate in the BMV E-lien Program. The Program Requirements set forth the qualifications a service provider must comply with to participate in the BMV E-lien Program. The requirements document is a working file and will be adjusted based on feedback from engaged service providers. The document is dated and indicated by version number. Previous versions are available upon request.

Ensure you have carefully reviewed and can comply with all required components prior to completing and submitting the E-lien Application Form.

Program Requirements


Technical Specifications


Insurance Requirements


Information Security Framework

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After reviewing these requirements, you may submit your application. A PDF version of the application is available to review here. The application must be submitted electronically.

If you have questions, please email

Approved E-Lien Service Providers

If you would like to join the E-Lien program as a lienholder, you must contact an approved Service Provider.

Our approved Service Providers are listed in the accordions below. Click each accordion for more information.

  • Dealertrack

    Dealertrack Collateral Management Services, Inc. (CMS)

    As the pioneer in electronic lien & title (ELT) technology, Dealertrack continues to lead the industry with an easy-to-use platform for Indiana E-Lien/ELT processing. Our full suite of title management solutions includes full outsourcing services, safe and secure storage of paper titles as well as the industry’s only solution to speed payoff and title release as fast as 4 business days.

    To join the Indiana BMV E-lien System program with Dealertrack Collateral Management Services, please visit Dealertrack’s E-Lien website.

  • DDI

    DDI Technology

    DDI is a national service provider with ELT programs in 28 states and now provides a complete suite of titling solutions for Indiana lenders. As the ELT service provider endorsed by the Indiana Bankers Association, and a Partial Service Provider with an office in Indianapolis, DDI provides a complete program for your business needs. Our status as a Partial Service Provider for dealers allows Indiana lenders to receive instant notifications of title application submissions for dealers with whom we do business.

    To join the Indiana BMV E-lien System program with DDI Technology, please visit the DDI website.

  • PDP Group, Inc.

    PDP Group, Inc.

    PDP Group offers electronic lien and title services in all fully functioning ELT programs throughout the United States.   These services include full title management, electronic lien and title solutions, repossession title, and lien release letter services for lenders. We specialize in tailored automotive risk solutions for dealers and lenders nationwide.  
    To join the Indiana BMV E-Lien System program with PDP Group, please visit PDP Group’s site/Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) Administration.

  • Secure TA

    Secure Title Administration is the premier provider of Electronic Lien and Title services. Our services range from full title administration, including perfection, to a simple conduit for the flow of Electronic Lien and Title information from the state to you and back again. Our dedicated staff maintains process excellence throughout the title life cycle. We also have personnel devoted specifically to Electronic Lien and Title. Our goal is to make certain you receive the best service possible. Learn more about Indiana Electronic Title Management through Secure Title Administration, Inc.

FAQs for Providers

FAQs for Vehicle Owners

  • What is an e-lien?

    An e-lien enables participating lienholders to manage their liens electronically. It could be considered an electronic filing cabinet.

  • What is a participating lienholder?

    A participating lienholder is a financial institution that has signed up with an approved E-lien service provider to have all titles with their liens listed in Indiana stored electronically.

  • What does it mean if my title is electronic?

    Electronic title records are issued for titles that have a primary lienholder that is a participating lienholder in the E-lien program.

  • What happens when my auto loan is paid off?

    The lienholder will submit a lien release to the BMV using the E-lien system. Once the lien is released, if no other lien is listed on the vehicle the title will be printed and mailed to you. However, if there is secondary lien listed that is not an E-lien, the title will still be printed and mailed to the lienholder. If secondary lien listed is an E-lien, then the title will remain electronic.

  • What happens if I am moving out of state and my title is electronic?

    You will simply inform your lienholder that you are moving to another state and they will request a paper title from the BMV. Once the paper title has been generated and mailed to the address provided by the lienholder, it can be transferred to your new state of residence.

  • What happens if I am moving to Indiana and my title is currently electronic in another state?

    You will simply visit your local BMV branch in Indiana to begin this process. Inform the Customer Service Representative that you have moved to Indiana from another state, and you would like to request the title for your vehicle from your lienholder.

    Prior to visiting your local BMV branch in Indiana, you may complete sections 2 through 5 of State Form 1014 – Request for Title. Your local branch will complete section 1 and initiate the process by mailing the form to your lienholder. This form is not required to be completed prior to visiting the branch but doing so will greatly increase the efficiency of your visit.

    Upon receipt of this request from the Indiana BMV, your lienholder must obtain a paper title from the motor vehicle agency in the state you are moving from. Once the paper title has been generated, it must be mailed directly to your local BMV branch in Indiana for processing. If your lienholder participates in Indiana’s E-lien program, the title will be issued as an electronic title.

  • What type of transactions can be processed with ELT lienholder?
    • Lien release
    • Print title
    • Amend transactions available are:
      1. Update or correct owner information
      2. Update or correct vehicle information
      3. Update or correct odometer information
      4. Update or correct lien information