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Mini Truck Registrations


A mini-truck is defined as a truck that:

  • is powered by an internal combustion engine with a piston or rotary displacement of not less than 660 cubic centimeters (cc);
  • is 60 inches or less in width;
  • has an unladen dry weight of 1,600 pounds or less;
  • can achieve a top speed of not more than 60 miles per hour;
  • is manufactured with a locking enclosed cab and a heated interior; and
  • is operated on a highway.

mini truck license plate example

Registration Requirements

A mini-truck is required to be title and registered. The title must be issued before the mini-truck can be registered.

For a vehicle being titled as a mini-truck for the first time in Indiana, a title application packet must be completed and mailed to the BMV for processing. The Mini-Truck Title Application Packet provides a detailed list of the required documents. Prior to mailing the completed packet, verify that all required information is included.

Download the Mini-Truck Title Application Packet

All subsequent title and registration transactions, including transfers of ownership, may be completed at any BMV location.

Registration Fees and Taxes

See the Fee Chart to find the registration fee. A mini-truck is charged the following fees and taxes annually:

  • Registration Fee
  • Vehicle Excise Tax
  • County Vehicle Excise Tax (if assessed in County of registration)
  • Municipal Vehicle Excise Tax (if assessed in Municipality of registration)
  • Electric/Hybrid Registration Fee (if vehicle is electric or hybrid)
  • Transportation Infrastructure Improvement Fee (TIIF)

Registration Renewal Options

Mini-truck registrations may be renewed by using any of the following:

  • Online at
  • A kiosk location
  • Any BMV branch location
  • By mail, if you receive a paper renewal notice
  • By phone, using the phone access code printed on your renewal notice