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Military CDL Skills Waiver Program

The BMV may waive the required skills test for select veterans or active duty personnel of the U.S. Armed Forces who were/are truck drivers during their military service if the applicant applies within one year of discharge and meets all requirements.

All military applicants must pass the required written test(s); prove that he/she is regularly employed (or was regularly employed) in a military position requiring operation of a CMV within one year; and certify that during the two years immediately preceding the application for an Indiana CDL he/she meets the following requirements:

  • Has not had more than one license (except for a military license);
  • Has not had any license suspended, revoked, or cancelled;
  • Has not had any convictions for any type of motor vehicle for the disqualifying offenses contained in § 383.51(b);
  • Has not had more than one conviction for any type of motor vehicle for serious traffic violations contained in § 383.51(c); and
  • Has not had any conviction for a violation of military, State or local law relating to motor vehicle traffic control (other than a parking violation) arising in connection with any traffic accident, and has no record of an accident in which he/she was at fault.
  • Was operating a vehicle representative of the CMV the driver applicant operates or expects to operate.

Please follow these steps to apply:

  • Visit a BMV branch, pass required written tests(s) and have Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) issued.
  • Complete, save and print the "Certification for Military CDL Skills Test Waiver" form; Secure the signature of the applicant’s Commanding Officer, or responsible person in his/her military chain of command, attesting to the applicant’s military driving experience; and
  • Provide copy of DD214 or proof currently active duty; and
  • Provide letter from commander stating applicant has operated a CMV for at least two years immediately preceding discharge from the military; and
  • Copy of military CDL.


Use one of the following options to submit the completed application packet and contact phone number.

  • Fax 317-974-1615;
  • Drop documents off at any BMV branch; or
  • Mail to:

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Attn: CDL Programs
100 North Senate Avenue
IGCN,  Room N 481
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Applications will be processed and the applicant will be contacted once the submitted documents are verified.