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Athlete Agents

The Attorney General's Office maintains the goal of protecting Indiana’s student-athletes from unethical practices of athlete agents, and also the protection of those athlete agents that properly register in this state. While there are many entities, including the National Collegiate Athletic Association, athletic conferences, and collegiate athletic departments, that have their own duties and obligations to protect student-athletes and properly registered athlete agents, the office is charged with enforcement of Indiana’s Uniform Athlete Agents Act and Deceptive Consumer Sales Act.

In connection with this enforcement mandate, the Attorney General’s Professional Licensing and Homeowner Protection Unit investigates consumer complaints against athlete agents and takes legal action on behalf of the State of Indiana.

***Attention***: The Office of the Indiana Attorney General has updated the application to become a licensed Athlete Agent in Indiana. We are changing the system we use to review applications and are requiring that all licensees reapply to facilitate that change. All active registrations will be set to expire on December 10, 2021. Any agent who wishes to maintain an active registration must submit a completed copy of the updated registration form to The $700.00 renewal fee is not required with this submission for those who hold a license active through January 2, 2022.

Letters have been mailed to all agents who have ever held a registration issued by this office, containing additional information, and instructions about submitting a new application. A copy of the letter can be viewed here.

Athlete Agent Application

The Indiana Athlete Agent Registration Application can be found here. The steps for completing and submitting the application are as follows:

  1. Download the application and provide all requested information.
  2. Mail the hard copy to the address on the application or email the application to DO NOT SEND PAYMENT WITH THE APPLICATION.
  3. The Indiana Attorney General’s office will contact you to submit your payment.
  4. Upon receiving payment, Indiana Attorney General’s office will email an electronic copy to you. If you wish for a hard copy, please let the Indiana Attorney General’s office know.
  5. Registration is then completed.

***Please note that by signing and submitting your athlete agent registration application, you are authorizing the Indiana Attorney General's Office and their agents to investigate your background as it pertains to your Application for Registration as an Athlete Agent. This may include information contained in public records which could include credit history, criminal files at the county, state, and federal jurisdiction levels, motor vehicle records, and investigations of employment history and performance and educational credentials.

List of Athlete Agents

To view a list of athlete agents registered with the State of Indiana, please click here. Please note that this list will be updated every three months. Should you need to confirm whether an athlete agent is registered with Indiana, please contact us at


Below is the relevant statutory authority for the Indiana Uniform Athlete Agent Act and the Indiana Attorney General’s enforcement authority. Please visit the Indiana General Assembly’s website to view these statutes.

  • Indiana Uniform Athlete Agents Act (UAAA) – Ind. Code § 25-5.2
  • Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act (DCSA) – Ind. Code § 24-8-1
  • Athlete Agent Enforcement – 10 IAC 4

Additional resources for representing student-athletes can be found at

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