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Attorney General


The Attorney General’s Appeals Division's attorneys represent the state in both civil and criminal appeals, as well as in other specialized areas.

Civil Appeals

Represents the state in appellate cases involving constitutional issues, civil rights, consumer protection, government benefits, administrative procedures, and employment matters, as well as business regulations and cases involving torts and claims against the state.

For Victims of Crime

The criminal appeals section also assists victims of crime through the Appellate Victim Notification Program by helping victims understand and cope with the appeals process.  The program keeps victims informed and involved throughout the appellate proceedings and can also help provide referrals to other services. One such service is the Violent Crime Violent Compensation Fund, which helps victims (or their dependents) of violent crimes with financial assistance for certain costs incurred as a direct result of the violent crime. The Office of the Indiana Attorney General also provides services for victims of domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault through the Victim Assistance program. Click here for more information.

Criminal Appeals

Represents the state in criminal cases appealed to the Indiana Court of Appeals and Indiana Supreme Court.  This means these attorneys work to uphold sentences - and keep criminals in prison.  This section also represents the state's interests when prison inmates challenge their convictions in the federal court system through a habeas corpus petition.  Additionally, these attorneys provide assistance to prosecuting attorneys throughout the state.

Child Services Appeals

Represents the Department of Child Services in appeals from cases involving children in need of services (CHINS), termination of parental rights, and related matters.

Criminal Prosecution

The Attorney General has the authority to bring criminal charges in a few narrow categories of crimes, as well as assist the State's 91 prosecuting attorneys when necessary.

For Prosecutors

Please use this form to request an appeal of a trial court's judgment in a criminal or civil matter involving your office.