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Restricted Employee Permit Laws

The Excise Police would like you to know...

  1. A person who is 19 or 20 years old may hold a restricted employee permit issued by the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission for the purpose of serving alcoholic beverages in the dining room of a hotel or restaurant.
  2. A restricted employee may apply for the permit either online or by mail-in application. Online submission is preferred.
  3. In order to acquire a restricted employee permit, the 19 or 20 year old employee must also successfully complete an ATC Certified Server Training program.
    • If the restricted employee submits an application to the Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission by mail, a completed certification from an approved 3rd party server training provider, along with other information required by the application, must be completed first and attached.
    • If the application is submitted online, the ATC online server training program can be taken directly after payment completion.
    • Certified Server Training Program information can be found here.
  4. In order for the restricted employee to serve alcoholic beverages at a permit premises, the employee must be supervised by a person who has successfully completed a State certified server training program.
  5. The restricted employee may not act as a bartender or serve alcoholic beverages in the bar room of a permit premises.
  6. The restricted employee may not mix drinks. The restricted employee may not draw beer from a tap or spigot into a pitcher or mug. They may not pour pre-mixed beverages into containers to be served at a table or dining area.
  7. The restricted employee may only serve in family areas of retail establishments. This includes only family rooms, family areas of restaurants with approved limited separation and dining rooms at fraternal or social clubs.
  8. The restricted employee may garnish a drink prepared by a licensed bartender and may uncork and pour wine from a bottle at a customer's table in the dining area of a family room if the customer orders a bottle of wine.
  9. The restricted employee may serve alcoholic beverages in the banquet room of a hotel or restaurant but may not serve alcoholic beverages over a bar or act as a bartender.
  10. The restricted employee may not serve drinks in a recreational area such as a pool room or arcade room. The restricted employee may not serve drinks in the concourse area of a recreational center. They also may not serve drinks in the stands at a sports arena.
  11. When the restricted employee becomes twenty-one years old, the employee must surrender the restricted permit and obtain an unrestricted permit in order to continue to serve alcoholic beverages. There is a $45 fee to obtain the 3-year unrestricted employee permit..

Note: This list contains only a few of the laws and regulations that an establishment should be familiar with before selling alcoholic beverages. When in doubt, about any law, check it out beforehand so problems may be avoided. Remember:

"Get To Know The Law...
Before The Law Gets To Know You!"