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Designated Outdoor Refreshment Areas

Effective July 1, 2023, Indiana Code 7.1-3-31 authorizes a municipality to create a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (“DORA”).  A DORA allows individuals who are at least twenty one (21) years old to purchase alcoholic beverages from approved vendors and retail establishments and carry them outside to be consumed within the DORA boundaries.

Establishing a DORA

In order to establish a DORA, a municipal legislative body must adopt an ordinance that includes the following required information:

  1. A map of the refreshment area in sufficient detail to identify its boundaries.
  2. The boundaries of the refreshment area, using street addresses.
  3. The location(s) of the proposed designated retail permittee(s) and temporary vendors within the refreshment area.
  4. A statement that the refreshment area is consistent with the municipality's zoning ordinance.
  5. The number, spacing, and type of signage designating the refreshment area.
  6. The dates and the hours of operation for the refreshment area, which may not violate IC 7.1-3-1-14.

A municipality may not establish more than seven (7) designated refreshment areas within its jurisdiction.

DORA Application Process

Once a DORA is established, the municipality is required to submit the following to the Commission:

  1. An application for approval of the refreshment area.
  2. The completed designation forms received by the municipality from retail permittees and temporary vendors to participate in the refreshment area.
  3. A copy of the ordinance adopted by the municipality under I.C. 7.1-3-31.
  4. A map of the refreshment area indicating where designated retail permittees are located within the DORA and where temporary vendors are permitted to operate.

To submit an application, please click here.

Approved DORAs

MunicipalityDORA NameDORA NumberLocal OrdinanceMap
BatesvilleMain Street DORADA6900013Ordinance No. 01-2024View here
Fort WayneDowntown DORADA0200012Ordinance No. S-168-23View here
Fort WayneElectric Works DORADA0200017Ordinance No. S-54-24View here
GreensburgDowntown Greensburg DORADA1600006Ordinance No. 2023-29View here
HuntingburgDowntown Outdoor Designated Refreshment AreaDA1900009Ordinance No. 2023-27View here
JasperJasper Downtown Social DistrictDA1900008Ordinance No. 2023-26View here
JeffersonvilleJeffersonville Outdoor Refreshment AreaDA1000011Ordinance 2023-OR-72View here
KirklinTravelers Point DORADA1200003Ordinance No. 2023-8-2View here
LawrenceburgLawrenceburg DORADA1500005Ordinance No. 7-2023View here
LogansportDowntown DORADA0900016Ordinance No. 2023-38View here
ShelbyvilleDowntown DORADA7300004Ordinance No. 23-2984View here
WarsawDowntown DORADA4300015Ordinance 2024-02-03 & 2024-02-04View here
Winona LakeVillage at WinonaDA4300010Ordinance No. 2023-11-1View here
YorktownDowntown YorktownDA1800007Ordinance No. 838View here