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Resources for Your Wallet

Find Funding for Your Creative Career

Making a living as an artist has garnered some rough connotations: “it’s hard,” “you live paycheck to paycheck,” and so on. This can be true – for artists and non-artists alike. But we know based on our research that creatives and their artistic businesses thrive in Indiana. All you need is to know where you’re going and how much gas you need to get there (metaphorically). We can help with that! Below you’ll find tips and resources for successfully funding your business, and your life, right here in Indiana.

How can I fund my project?

Lucky us, there’s more than one answer to this! Each resource has its pros and cons, so be discerning with your efforts. If you can’t outline exactly what you need (Space? Equipment? Expertise? Cash?), back up and do some goal planning.

We keep learning new ways to resource a project. Consider using any combination of these:

If you decide to apply for a grant, you need to be able to answer these questions: 

Grants for artists in Indiana:

Listings are not endorsements and do not necessarily represent the views of the Indiana Arts Commission or State of Indiana.