Election Commission

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Meetings Scheduled:

The Indiana Election Commission will convene a public meeting at 1:30 p.m. EDT on Friday, August 18, 2017, in Conference Center Room B, 402 West Washington Street, Indianapolis.


(appointed by the Governor upon recommendation by appropriate major political party state chair)
  • Bryce H. Bennett, Jr., Chair since February 2014; member since August 2011
  • S. Anthony Long, Vice-chair; member since July 1997
  • Suzannah Wilson Overholt, member since July 2012
  • Zachary E. Klutz, member since February 2014.

Establishing Statutes for the Commission

Salary Notice Required by Indiana Code 4-21.5-3-8.5(c): An Indiana Election Commission member, when acting as an Administrative Law Judge, is entitled to $50 per diem, plus applicable mileage, for each meeting the member attends.

Lake County Small Precinct Consolidation (Public Law 262-2017)
Lake County Redistricting
Lake County Redistricting Commission Procedures and Deadlines

Lake County Precinct Consolidation 2017

Meeting Minutes








Archived Minutes (25 Feb 1997 to 5 Dec 2011)