Phantom Finder Project

Phantom Finder by VectrenThe Vectren Corporation is partnering with southwest Indiana libraries to encourage patrons to save money on their electric bills by participating in the “Phantom Finder” program. In these difficult economic times, Hoosiers are turning to local libraries in record numbers to save money on their entertainment and educational needs. Now, through a partnership between the Indiana State Library, Vectren Corporation and southwest Indiana public libraries, patrons can discover ways to find savings on their home energy bills at their local library.

The consumer-acclaimed Kill-a-Watt power meter measures energy consumption by the kilowatt-hour — the same unit of measurement that utilities use. It can estimate the electrical consumption and costs associated with appliances, electronics and other hardware by the hour, day, week, month or even an entire year.  The “Phantom Finder” program enables patrons to borrow a unique, yet simple power-monitoring device designed to identify “phantom” energy consuming appliances. Each “Phantom Finder” toolkit includes a brochure with instructions on how to use the meter, what the information means, and tips about energy consumption. It also contains a bookmark and a “Phantom Finder” backpack that are the patron’s to keep after returning the Kill-A-Watt unit. Library patrons will be able to check out a toolkit at any participating library just as they would check out a book.

Kill-A-Watt meters simply plug into electrical outlets and then allow the user to plug in any appliance to generate a readout on how much electricity the appliance uses and then calculate how much money it's costing. These energy detectors are a great way for consumers to see how much it costs to leave on appliances, computers and printers and to see how much money devices such as phone chargers can waste when they are left in an outlet after completing a charge.


Information for Participating Libraries