Affordable Care Act for Hoosiers

What is the Healthcare marketplace? For the state of Indiana, finding health insurance can only be done with the HealthCare website.  You can search, compare, and enroll in a plan beginning October 1st, 2013.  If you don't live in the state Indiana, you can find out more information here.

Affordable Care Act for Hoosiers Read the Law: Introduced on September 17, 2009, this law - officially known as H.R.3590 - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - was signed into law on March 23rd, 2010.  Read the entire bill here.

Print it Out
These short handouts should help you get started - print them out!

This short, two page handout gives you an oversight of what you need to know, plan types, and premiums vs. out-of-pocket overviews.

This short, one page handout gives you the upcoming dates you need to know to prepare.

Affordable Care Act for Hoosiers This short, two page handout gives you a general overview of the timeline, how to explore your options, how to prepare, and how to contact the Marketplace Call Center.

This small, two sided card gives you all the resource information for contacting Health Insurance Marketplace including; phone numbers, websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

Find Help Locally from a Real Person

Indiana Navigators are individuals certified to help consumers complete insurance affordability program applications – namely Medicaid, Qualified Health Plans (QHPs), Premium Tax Credits (PTCs), and Cost-sharing Reductions (CSRs). Click here for a list of certified navigators in your area.

Indiana Public Libraries can also point you toward information you need to better understand ACA. While they may not provide professional advice, Indiana libraries have had a long history helping patrons understand and access eGovernment services. Indiana public libraries also provide free public access to computers and the internet.