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Indiana State Library

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This page is under development and is NOT a complete listing of all Tippecanoe County family history resources available in the Genealogy Division at the Indiana State Library at this time. As new Tippecanoe County family history resources are added, this page will be updated.

Birth Records

WPA, Index to birth records, 1882-1920., 1921-1941
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595u

Death Records

Deaths from Cholera, 1849 (THG, vol. 19 #2, June 1979).
Genealogy Division, 977.2 H789

Tippecanoe Area Genealogical Society…Death Records.
3 v. 1921-1960.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595wi

WPA, Index to death records, 1882-1920.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595u

Marriage Records

Esarey, Myra, Marriage records...1826-1830 (From IMH, vol. 32, 1936). 3pp.
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 Tuncat. no. 1

DAR, Marriage records, 1830-1850....1952. 3 vols. [a few 1829 marriages].
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595m

Marriage Applications, Apr. 17, 1905 - Feb. 1906. 2 vols. 1960.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595sh

Slevin, Ruth M., ...Marriage records...1850-1861. 1975. 74, 75 leaves.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595sL

Slevin, Ruth M. Tippecanoe Co., Ind. Marriage Records, Bk. 4-9, 1850-1861, Pt. 1: Index of Grooms, Pt. 2: Index of Brides. 1975.
Genealogy Division 977.201 T595sL

Marriages, 1826-1830 (IMH, vol. 32, 1936).
Genealogy Division, 977.2 I39

WPA, Index to marriage records, 1850-1920, 1921-1941..
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595u

WPA, Index to supplemental records, marriage transcripts, 1880-1906.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595u

Deed Records

Deed indexes, 1826-1901.
Microfilm, Second Floor

Probate Records

Civil probate records, 1827-1853; indexes, 1853-1890.
Microfilm, Second Floor

....Index to probate order books, vols. 1-10, 1825-1852.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595tc

Tippecanoe Co. Area Genealogical Society., Index to ...probate final records...1830-1849. [12pp.]
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 Tuncat. no. 4

Will Records

Microfilm, Second Floor

Index of wills...1825-1864 (From THG, #6-7, 1961, 1962). [3pp.].
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 Tuncat. no. 6

DAR, Typed copy of will book I, 1828-1834....[1981?]. 133pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595ty

...Index to will books, vols. 1-17, 1825-1936. [43] leaves.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595ti

Index to wills, June 1825-1844, Apr. 1845-1864 (THG, #6, Nov.- Dec. 1961, #2, Mar.-Apr. 1962).
Genealogy Division, 977.2 H789

Cemetery and Church Records

Cemetery records (Grandview, 1908-1932; Springvale, 1869-1917).
Microfilm, Second Floor

Blachly, Mrs. Josephus C., [Cemetery records...].  (Battle Ground. 1967. 1pp.)
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 T595 no. 7

Cox, Carroll O., [Cemetery records...]. [1955]. 23pp. (Cemeteries in Illinois; Isley cemetery...).
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 T595 no. 2

D.A.C., Gravestone records of Concord cemetery....1965. 23pp.
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 T595 no. 5

D.A.C., Records of membership of the Dayton, Indiana, Presbyterian church, 1832 to 1940....1965. v.p.
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 T595 no. 6

DAR, Cemetery on the old Harvey farm. 1pp.
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 Tuncat. no. 2

Durkee cemetery...(From THG, #2, 1962). 1pp.
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 Tuncat. no. 5

Indiana Junior Historical Society., ...Cemetery records. 1, Shambaugh cemetery, Shelby township. 1pp.
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 T595 no. 8

Raub, Nellie T., A History of Farmers Institute monthly meeting of Friends and its community. [1951?]. 48pp.
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 T595r

Tippecanoe County Historical Association, [Cemetery records...]. 1 Greenbush cemetery 1946. 31pp.
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 T595 no. 1

Tippecanoe County Historical Association, Cemetery records, Wea township....1, Spring Grove cemetery. [1962]. 6pp.
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 T595 no. 3

Saint Boniface Cemetery Book 1898 Through 2008. Lafayette, Indiana c. 2009
Genealogy Division Geneal. 977.202 L161sbc

Warren, Mrs. E.P., Sickeler cemetery, Wea township....5pp.
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 Tuncat. no. 3

Williamson, Wallace F., Pierce cemetery index. 1965. [13pp.
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 T595 no. 4

....Cemeteries. 4 vol.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595tip

Cheesman, David R., Kenny cemetery... 1844: plus the 1854 railroad disaster. 35pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595cd

Cheesman, David R., Sickler cemetery... 1861-1977. 1989. 34pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595ch

DAR, Cemetery records of Burton, McCormick, Mt. Zion, Sandridge cemeteries, Wabash township....1954. v.p.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595da

DAR, ...Cemetery records of Shelby township....1960. 94pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595ds

DAR, A Copy of the register of St. John's Episcopal church, Lafayette, Indiana, from June 1837 to June 1898. 1940. [47], 85pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595s

DAR, Inscriptions from cemeteries of Sheffield township....[1957?]. [128pp.]
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595di

DAR, Record of the cemeteries of Tippecanoe township....[1956]. v.p. [Includes Battle Ground, Liberty Chapel, Methodist Camp Ground, Pretty Prairie cemeteries].
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595dr

Ideal church record for the Burton, Cario, Fair Haven, Montmorency, and Mt. Zion Methodist Episcopal Churches...1875 - 1909. [136] leaves.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595i

Reading of Laurmie [Sic] township tombstones... 1985. 105 leaves.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595rea

Saint Boniface Cemetery Book 1898 Through 2008. Lafayette, Indiana c. 2009
Genealogy Division Geneal. 977.202 L161sbc

Warren, Elza,...Cemetery records: West Point, Fink, Sickler, Spring Grove, Wild Cat, Lafayette. 1966. 105pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595w

Census Records 

Hammel, Ruth A. 1880 Census…Index. 408 p.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595eie v. 1

Merritt, Grace H., Index to census of 1830 and 1840....[1967]. 24, 43pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595me

Court Records

...Estray book, 1827-1837. 268, [213] leaves.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595t

Family Records

DAR, ....Bible records, Finkle, Howell, McBride, Oglebay, Moran, and Shortridge, McCollough, Smiley, Taylor. 1973. 14pp.
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 T595 no. 9

DAR, Historical and genealogical records....1929. 153pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595d

Smith, Lora R., Records...copied from documents....[1971?]. [7pp.] [Lafayette].
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.202 L161 no. 1


Tipp. Co. Historical Association record...1826-1846....6 vols.
Indiana Historical Society Library

Land Records

DAR, [Early land owners (1840-1843)...]. [1978?]. 3 vols.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595dau

DAR, Land transactions: abstracted from the 1st entry tract book...beginning date, 1823....[1981?]. 100pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595Lat

Tippecanoe County, Indiana Index to Deed Book A October 14, 1826-April 10, 1830
c. 2009
Genealogy Division, Geneal. 977.201 T595tdai

Naturalization Records

DAR, Abstracts of alien declarations...for the decades 1830 and 1840. [1982]. 131pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595a

DAR, Abstracts of alien declarations... decade of 1860's. 1983. 100pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595ac

DAR, Abstracts of alien declarations... decade of 1870's and 1880's. 1985. 108pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595ad


"Ancestors" column in the Wabash magazine of the Lafayette Journal and Courier, Sunday edition. (scattered issues).
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.2 Auncat no. 1

Tax Records

Darlington, Jane E....Tax duplicate for 1848 [1983]. 48, 26 leaves.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595dt

Voter Records

WPA, Index to supplemental record, registered voters, 1922.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595u

Miscellaneous Records

Dorrell, Ruth, ...index of names of persons and of firms. 1981. 306 leaves.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595do

DeHart, Richard., Past and present of ...1909. 2 vol., and index.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595de

Farber, Renee, Index to county commissioners' record....1980. 302pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 T595f

...Order record: county orders issued...Sept. 4, 1826 - August 30, 1841. [139] leaves.
Genealogy Division, q977.201 T595o

Record of poor children's indentures...1833-1846. 71 leaves.
Genealogy Division, q977.201 T595re

Many of the records identified on this page were initially selected by Carolynne L. Wendel Miller in her book, Indiana Sources for Genealogical Research in the Indiana State Library, published in 1984 by the Indiana Historical Society.

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