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Starke County Courts and Clerk

If you have questions about a case or about serving jury duty in the Starke County courts, or you would like to get a copy of a document from Starke County, such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, child support order or other judgment, you must contact the Starke County Clerk's office or the court directly using the contact information listed below.

Local Court Contact Information

Email addresses for the Clerk and the Courts are typically not published to this website. If the Clerk or Courts do not publish email addresses to their official website(s) (linked below, if available), then email is not an appropriate way to contact these offices with questions or requests.


Local Office

Location & Contact Info

Clerk's Office
Vicki Cooley, Clerk

53 East Washington Street
Knox, IN 46534 [map]

Pho: (574) 772-9128
Fax: (574) 772-9169

Circuit Court
Hon. Kim Hall, Judge

Jeanene Calabrese, Magistrate

PO BOX 395 (mailing address)
Knox, IN 46534

Pho: (574) 772-9146
Fax: (574) 772-9120

Knox City Court
Hon. Charles F. Hasnerl, Judge

101 West Washington Street
Knox, IN 46534 [map]

Pho: (574) 772-3766
Fax: (574) 772-7224

District 3 Rules

This county is in Judicial District 3.  For information about district leadership, rules or governance plans, see Judical District 3.

Local Rules and Other Documents

All Indiana counties are required to have local court rules, some of which must be approved by the Indiana Supreme Court (See Indiana Trial Rule 81 for more information). View Orders Amending Local Rules.

This county has been approved by the Division of State Court Administration to post court records to the Internet according to Trial Rule 77.

Courts in this county that use the Odyssey Case Management System are approved to post court records to the internet according to Indiana Supreme Court Order 94S00-0712-MS-567 dated December 5, 2007.

This page contains basic information about the courts and clerk in this county.  This page has been created for your convenience and does not serve as the official webpage for the county, courts, or clerk listed herein. Because personnel changes can happen frequently, the contents of this page may be out of date, though every effort has been made to keep the content current. Report errors on this page to the Indiana Courts webmaster.