Regional Trauma System Development

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Regional trauma system development helps drive the statewide system development. Indiana's regions are created by dividing the state into public health preparedness districts. There are ten districts in Indiana.

Statewide Trauma System Road Map


District 1

Points of Contact:

Jennifer Homan (Franciscan Health Crown Point) -

Jennfier Mullen (Methodist Hospital Northlake Campus) -

District 2

Points of Contact:

Dusten Roe (Memorial Hospital of South Bend) -

District 3

Points of Contact:

Annette Chard (Lutheran Hospital) -

Lisa Hollister (Parkview Regional Medical Center) -

District 4

Points of Contact:

Regina Nuseibeh (Franciscan Health Lafayette East) -

Amanda Rardon (IU Health Arnett) -

District 5

Points of Contact:

Jill Castor (IU Health Methodist) -

Melissa Hockaday (IU Health Methodist) -

Sherri Marley (Eskenazi Health) -

District 6

Points of Contact:

Bekah Dillon (IU Health Ball Memorial) -

Michelle Moore (St. Vincent Anderson Regional) -

Mark Rofhling (Community Hospital Anderson) -

Ryan Williams (Reid Health) -

District 7

Points of Contact:

Carrie Malone (Terre Haute Regional) -

Kelly Mills (Union Hospital - Terre Haute) -

District 8

Points of Contact:

Lindsey Williams (IU Health Bloomington) -

District 9

Points of Contact:


District 10

Points of Contact:

Lisa Gray (St. Vincent Evansville) -

Jillian Swearer (Deaconess Hospital) -

Serving a population of approximately 400,000 people in 12 counties, the District 10 Trauma Regional Advisory Council (D10TRAC) has evolved as a result of the local interests and grassroots efforts of approximately 90 EMS units, 500 EMS providers and the 10 hospitals that represent southeast Indiana.  Information about the D10TRAC soon to follow.

District 10's  Trauma Regional Advisory Council website-