Each section contains a brief description of the collections available in each area; some sections also feature online exhibits and searchable indexes. Where possible, pointers are provided to additional outside sources for records not collected by the State Archives.

This is merely an overview of the most frequently researched areas; many other state government records are available which may not fit into these general categories.


Digital Classroom

Personal and Family History

Cultural History

Military Records

Medical Records

Court Records


Police/Criminal Records

Land Records

History of Government


Additional Outside Sources for Researchers


Contact the Indiana State Archives.

Note: When sending an email to the Indiana State Archives, please be sure to include a very clear subject heading, i.e, Civil War, Soldier's Home, Hospital Records, Morton Telegrams, etc. Emails without a clear subject heading may be mistaken as spam or a potential virus and be filtered out automatically. If you have not received an initial response from the Indiana State Archives within a few weeks, please resubmit your request.

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