About the Indiana Department of Veterans' Affairs


Since its establishment in 1945, the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) has remained focused on aiding and assisting "Hoosier" veterans, and qualified family members or survivors, who are eligible for benefits or advantages provided by Indiana and the U.S. government.

Indiana owes a great debt to its veterans, past and present, for their personal sacrifices and dedicated service. 75 Hoosiers (2 still living) have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in testimony to their courage and sacrifices.

Today, Indiana is home to nearly 550,000 veterans. 52,000 veterans and survivors collect disability compensation or pension payments. There is no greater honor than to serve those who have given so much.

We hope that you will find our web site user friendly and helpful in providing information about veteran benefits, activities, and organizations. Please feel free to contact this office or one of the  County Service Officers listed in our Directory who are ready to serve you in your home county.

We invite you to visit the following web page which pays tribute to the Hoosiers who have given their lives in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom during the Global War on Terrorism OEF-OIF Indiana Honor Roll.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you will return again.

Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs
302 W. Washington Street, Room E120
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2738
Telephone: 317-232-3910
Fax: 317-232-7721
TOLL FREE (In State) 1-800-400-4520


Jim Brown - Director IDVA (U.S. Army Retired, Vietnam & OEF Veteran)
Matt Vincent - Deputy Director (U.S.Marine Corps, OIF Veteran)

Laura Mckee- Women Veteran Coordinator (USAF Reserve Service Member, Gulf War/OIF/OEF Veteran)

Jeff Wirt - Director of Employment and Veteran Outreach (Indiana Army National Guard Member, OIF Veteran)
Brandon Pugh- Veteran Employment and Outreach (Indiana Army National Guard Veteran)
Jeff Ortiz- Veteran Employment and Outreach (Indiana Army National Guard Veteran)
Josh Kendrick- Veteran Employment and Outreach (U.S. Marine Corps Veteran)

Tim Dyke- Director of Training and Service (U.S. Army Retired, OEF Veteran )
Phil Krumm- Training Coordinator (U.S. Army Retired, Desert Storm Veteran)
Mike Hamm- State Service Officer (U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran)
Beth Turner- Assistant State Service Officer / Reception
Lisa Gaines - Reception
Thomas White- North West (U.S. Army Veteran)
Cameron Lochner- North East ( U.S. Marine Corps  Veteran)
Kevin Hinton- Central West (U.S. Air Force Veteran)
Mark Smith- Central East (U.S. Army Retired)
Desley Snyder- South West (U.S. Navy/ Merchant Marine Veteran)
Joseph DeVito- South East (U.S. Coast Guard Veteran)

Kelly Cherry - Director of Care ( Daughter of Veterans)
Aria Jimenez- Military Family Relief Fund Manager (Indiana Army National Guard Member, OEF/ OIF Veteran)
Will Thomas - Military Family Relief Fund Case Worker (U.S. Army,  Veteran)
Caleb Murray- Military Family Relief Fund Case Worker (U.S. Marine Corps OIF  Veteran)
Mike Aichele- Military Familiy Relief Fund Case Worker ( U.S. Army OIF Veteran)
Nicole Van Dyke- Military Family Relief Fund Case Worker (U.S. Army Veteran)
Loren Minnix- Veteran Outreach / Counseling (U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran)
Albert Frempong- Program Manager (U.S. Marine Corps Veteran)
Veteran and Family Support Services Program Contractors
Adryanne Bonner - (Indiana Army National Guard Veteran)
Richard Redell - ( U.S. Marine Corps and Indiana Army National Guard Veteran)
Pat Hildebrand
Lynn Dickey

Indiana State Approving Agency (SAA)
Ray Baker- Director (U.S. Army Retired)
Tara Eggen- Program Manager
Taniqua Griffin- Program Director (U.S. Navy Reserve Member)
Summer Tacy- Program Director (U.S. Air Force Veteran)
Amber Mertens- Program Director (U.S. Navy Veteran)

Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery (Madison, IN)
 Alan Burnham- Superintendent (U.S. Air Force Retired)  

Indiana Veterans Home (West Lafayette, IN)
Linda Sharp- Superintendent (U.S. Army Veteran, U.S. Army Reserve member)