Inheritance Tax

Name State Form Number Description File Type
IH-5 48834 Claim for Refund - Inheritance and Estate Taxes fill-in pdf
IH-6INST Instructions for Inheritance Tax General pdf
IH-6 48835 Indiana Inheritance Tax Return fill-in pdf
IH-7SF 18300 Report of Appraiser fill-in pdf
IH-12INST Instructions for Inheritance Tax Return for Non-Resident Decedent pdf
IH-12 51492 Indiana Inheritance Tax Return for Non-Resident Decedent fill-in pdf
IH-14 48839 Application For Consent To Transfer Securities Or Personal Property Of Any Description Owned By A Resident Decedent  fill-in pdf
IH-19 48837 Notice of Intended Transfer of Personal Property fill-in pdf
IH-28 49312 Power of Attorney fill-in pdf
IH-TA 48832 Affidavit of Transferee of Trust Property that No Indiana Inheritance or Estate Tax is Due on the Transfer fill-in pdf
IH-EXEM 48831 Affidavit of No Inheritance Tax Due  fill-in pdf