Miscellaneous Business Forms

Name State Form Number Description File Type
BD-100 51824 Biodiesel Tax Credits Application fill-in pdf
CAT-103 25341 County Admissions Tax Return fill-in pdf
CAV-1 53349 Vendor, Contractor, or Subcontractor Confidentiality Agreement fill-in pdf
GA-110L 615 Claim for Refund fill-in pdf
IDA-10/20 48770 Individual Development Account Tax Credit Application pdf
NC-10 To apply for the Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credit, please contact Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, 30 S Meridian St, Suite 1000, Indianapolis, In 46204
317-232-7777, 800-872-0371 (outside of Indianapolis)
NGV-C 52829 Commercial Natural Gas Vehicle Credit Form fil-in pdf
POA-1 49357 Power of Attorney fill-in pdf
POA-20 49377 Distributee's Affidavit for Disposition of Estates fill-in pdf
POA-30 49376 Widow's Affidavit for Disposition of Estates fill-in pdf
TAO The Indiana Tax Advocacy Office Procedures and Forms html
TSOL-1 55497 Truck Stop Owner's License Application fill-in pdf
URT-Q(w) 52225 Utility Receipts Tax Payment pdf
42850 Affidavit for Lost or Not Received Warrant (Auditor of the State Form) pdf