Streamlined Sales Tax

Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) is a multi-state initiative to reduce the burden of collecting, reporting and remitting sales and use tax across state lines for businesses.

Participating states continue to implement tax law simplifications, apply standard tax definitions, utilize common forms and procedures, and certify tax administration software, to ease tax collection in full member and associate member states.

You may contact Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) by E-mail or phone at (317) 233-4015, with Indiana specific Streamlined Sales Tax questions.


All businesses wishing to become members of Streamlined Sales Tax must register at the following national registration site. Upon receipt of a national registration, DOR will send instructions, if any, for the business to register with the State of Indiana.

National SST Resources

E-mail Questions to National Contact
Frequently Asked Questions
Links to Participating Member States
RFP for Publishing

Indiana SST Resources

Business Rules
Commonly Used Terms and Definitions
Rates and Boundaries
Statement of Recertification
Certificate of Compliance
Taxability Matrix

Indiana Tax Laws - SST Related

Construction Contractors Responsibility
Delivery and Installation Charges
Sale of Grocery Food
Sales Tax Legislation
SST Agreement Provisions