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November 2017

Indiana Department of Revenue Announces National Tax Security Awareness Week

November 22, 2017
The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR), in collaboration with the Internal Revenue Service, will host a National Tax Security Awareness Week starting November 27 to encourage taxpayers to take additional steps in protecting their personal and financial information before the 2018 tax season. More...

STATEMENT:  DOR responds to class action lawsuit

November 22, 2017
In response to the recent class action complaint filed on November 17 regarding the Unified Carrier Registration Plan, the Indiana Department of Revenue’s Commissioner Adam Krupp offers the following statement. More

October 2017

Indiana Department of Revenue Forming First-Ever Tax Advisory Council

October 13, 2017
The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) invites Hoosiers statewide to be considered for appointment to the first-ever Commissioner’s Advisory Council to foster community collaboration. More

September 2017

Individual Income Tax Rates Change in Seven Counties

September 28, 2017
Effective October 1, 2017, seven Indiana county income tax rates will increase. More

March 2017

College Students May Qualify to File Taxes for Free

March 8, 2017
Thousands of college students, with adjusted gross incomes of $64,000 or less, may qualify to file their state and federal incomes taxes electronically for free using Indiana freefile (INfreefile). More…

February 2017

Post-Filing Tips: Refunds and Payments

February 22, 2017
Once you file your individual income tax return, you will likely be owed a refund or need to pay taxes to the state. The tax filing deadline is April 18, 2017. Here are some important tips to get you through the rest of the 2017 individual tax season. More…

Tax Tips for Choosing a Reputable Tax Preparer

February 15, 2017
The Indiana Department of Revenue wants to ensure the 2017 individual tax season is stress free for Hoosiers. Whether you rely on a tax preparer or file your own tax return, here are some tips to help you through the process. More…

Indiana Department of Revenue Offers Free Online Filing

February 1, 2017
This tax season, the Indiana Department of Revenue continues to offer free federal and state filing through Indiana freefile (INfreefile). More…

January 2017

Indiana Tax Season Opens Today

January 23, 2017
Today, the Indiana Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) opened the 2017 individual income tax filing season and began processing individual income tax returns. Tax Season will close April 18, 2017. More…

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