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Town Departments

The Town of Crothersville is proud to own and maintain most of it’s own services.  We provide police protection, water service and sewer service.  As a small community, we are one of few in the State of Indiana that still has control over most of it’s public services.

Town Hall is the main hub for all things concerning the Town of Crothersville.  The Town Hall is the best place to find all of the information you might need.  If you have questions or concerns, our office staff will make sure that the proper personnel receive your information and respond to your request.

Important Information:

Hours of Operation:
8:00AM – 4:30PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
8:00AM – 12:00PM on Wednesday

Contact Info:
Phone: (812)793-2311
Fax: (812)793-2315

Office Staff:
Clerk-Treasurer / Office Manager: Danieta Foster 
First Deputy Clerk: Michele Teipen

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404 Moore Street

Chief: Matt Browning
Assistant Chief: Jonathan Tabor
Officer: Levi Caudill
Officer: Jacob Sharp
Officer: Mark Reynolds

Crothersville Police Department on Facebook

Crothersville Police Badge

Sample Data Log We are proud to provide our residents with local water.  Our water system is made up of two groundwater wells, much like ones people use in rural areas, only much larger to provide enough water to our customers.  Very little treatment is needed for this type of system.  At the Water Treatment Facility, a filter tank removes iron deposits, chlorine is added to keep the water clean along with fluoride to help our children’s teeth stay strong and prevent cavities.  After this process, the water is pumped to the elevated water tower where it is stored and dispersed throughout the many water mains and service lines to our customers.

Our new water meters use technology to send an abundance of data that help us pinpoint problems with your water consumption.  If you have been contacted by us, notifying you of high consumption, you can request a consumption report (pictured) showing your usage over a specific time period at no cost to you.  We hope that this technology will help everyone and help us protect one of our most precious resources, WATER!

5725 South County Road 1000 East

Utility Director: Mason Boicourt
Water Superintendent: Chris Mains

O2 DitchWe are also very proud to provide our customers with dependable sewer service.  Our system is aging and is very expensive to maintain and there are several reasons why.  Many years ago a sewage treatment plant was not required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  During that time all of the sewers in the area drained to an open ditch located centrally in town named, “Hominy Ditch”.  Once sewage treatment plants became required to protect our local waterways and prevent pollution, the town’s sewers were captured with a main sewer line running alongside Hominy Ditch and transported to the first sewage treatment plant in the 1960’s.  During that time, all storm sewers which capture storm runoff throughout town were also connected to our sewer system, which was a common practice at that time.  After many years,  EPA has since decided that in order to protect our environment, we must separate the two to avoid overflows of untreated sewage to our waterways.  This process is very expensive and hard to do for a small community.  We continue to strive to find ways to separate storm water from our sanitary sewers with minimal financial impact to our customers.

The sewage treatment process is very complex compared to the water treatment process.  If you are interested in learning more about our facility and it’s treatment just contact us at the number below.

500 South Bethany Road

Utility Director: Mason Boicourt
Wastewater Superintendent: Roger Jewell


The Street Department is responsible for:

  • Streets (crack sealing, minor potholes, road patches)
  • Signage (sign posts, signs, hardware)
  • Street Markings (crosswalks, stop bars and lane markings)
  • Town Parking Lots
  • Curbs
  • Gutters
  • Sidewalks
  • Snow removal in the Winter
  • Leaf pickup in the Fall
  • Mowing of all Town properties in the Summer

This department has received an abundance of funds through Indiana Department of Transportation's "Community Crossings Matching Grant" Program since 2016. These projects are generally applied for once a year, by the Town, with only a 25% match.  As a part of this program, the Street Department manages an  "Asset Management Plan", keeping details on what streets need improvements from year to year.

Street Superintendent: Mike Deaton