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Summary Report

The Public Deposit Insurance Fund (PDIF) was created in 1937 to insure the deposits of all public monies in Indiana banks - much the same way as the FDIC insures individual depositor's accounts.

PDIF funds are managed and invested by Treasurer of State Kelly Mitchell as the secretary and investment manager of the Indiana Board of Depositories. Treasurer Mitchell staffs, administers, manages, and directs the affairs and activities of the Board in accordance with the policies set out by the board.

The PDIF is funded by assessments payable by every depository that holds public funds. The Board may waive this assessment if it determines that the fund balance is adequate to insure potential losses. This assessment has been waived as a result of the Board's finding that an appropriate loss reserve level has been achieved.

Annual Financial Audit Reports

Audit Report 2020

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Audit Report 2011 Audit Report 2012 Audit Report 2013
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Semi-Annual Average Daily Balance Report

ADB Jan-June 2020

2019:  Jan-June 2019 July-Dec 2019
2018:  Jan-June 2018 July-Dec 2018
2017:  Jan-June 2017 July-Dec 2017

Semi-Annual Report to the State Budget Committee

2015:  June 2015     December 2015
2014:  June 2014     December 2014
2013:  June 2013 December 2013
2012:  June 2012 December 2012
2011:  June 2011 December 2011
2010:  June 2010     December 2010

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