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Prospective Interns

The Governor's Public Service Summer Internship Program positions open as early as November for the following summer. Applications are taken on a rolling basis and candidates are encouraged to try and apply within the first two weeks.

If you have any questions about the program or an internship position, reach out to the Indiana State Personnel Department at

Current Internship Opportunities

Governor’s Public Service Summer Intern Testimonials

Intern LabreaIndiana State Personnel Department
Workforce Strategy & Performance Intern

Summer 2022 & 2023
Area of Study: Human Resource Management at Ball State University

As an intern for two summers in the Indiana State Personnel Department, I was able to grow as a professional and learn valuable skills. With a variety of projects and support from my team and friends I met along the way, I can stand out to employers and share my new knowledge, skills and abilities.

This internship was an amazing experience, and I would recommend doing this internship if you have the opportunity!

Intern MadelineIndiana Department of Transportation
Legal Services Intern

Summer 2023
Area of Study: Law at IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law

The Governor’s Public Service Summer Internship has provided me with a unique opportunity to participate in state government early in my career. As a legal services intern in the Indiana Department of Transportation, I have gained firsthand experience and practice drafting a variety of state and federal contracts that are vital to the process of developing and protecting the people and State of Indiana. The Governor’s Public Service Summer Internship offers many events to connect with public officials as well as fellow state employees in agencies different from your own. I learned something new and exciting each day and have gained wonderful mentors and friends along the way.

My supervisor was incredibly supportive and encouraged me to dive into my passions by giving me a steady workflow of projects based on my interests. Through this internship, I have been able to strengthen skills such as legal research, writing and communication and have deepened my understanding of contract and property law. I have greatly appreciated the amount of professional development and broad opportunity that the Governor’s Public Service Summer Internship provides.

Intern Minh-ThuIndiana Department of Correction
Medical Intern

Summer 2023
Area of Study: Public Health Sciences at the University of Michigan

The Governor’s Public Service Summer Internship gave me the opportunity to dive deep into public health at the state level. My project this summer was creating a hepatitis C care cascade, which will be presented in collaboration with the CDC at the National Conference on Correctional Healthcare, as Indiana is at the forefront of Hepatitis C care in the correctional setting. My team supported me through the whole process, but also challenged me.

During my time here in IDOC, I was able to develop my data management and problem-solving skills and apply my public health knowledge to a variety of situations. I was able to visit a correctional facility, work with the Indiana Department of Health and directly impact the health of Hoosiers. I had the opportunity to sit on calls about disease outbreaks currently happening and help change policy within the department—experiences which would not have been possible if not for this unique internship.

Also being from out of state, I really enjoyed being in the heart of Indianapolis, enjoying the great food and museums that this city has to offer. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone who’s passionate about pursuing a career in public health and is not afraid to challenge themselves.

Intern SeanIndiana Department of Transportation
Traffic Intern

Summer 2023
Area of Study: Civil Engineering at Purdue University Fort Wayne

My internship experience this summer has certainly been a unique one as I have had the opportunity to fill the traffic investigations engineer position here in the Fort Wayne District. Though I have not assumed the full responsibilities of the position, I have spent the summer investigating roadway and signage modifications that INDOT may implement with the intention to solve issues reported by residents within the district.

Performing the tasks of the position has given me the opportunity to rapidly increase my knowledge of possible modifications as well as when and where it is appropriate to implement them. Along with this, I have had the opportunity to interact with residents voicing concerns and learn how to responsibly navigate these conversations to not only inform but to listen and investigate possible modifications. Though it may be hard to say that this is the typical intern experience, I’ve spent the last year as a typical traffic intern here in Fort Wayne and can say that there are just as many opportunities to learn the process that goes into maintaining and modifying our roadway.