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NextLevel State Work

NextLevel Indiana logoThe work that state employees perform every day in the service of the people of Indiana is valued and appreciated. Over the last several months, we know that many of our agencies have faced unprecedented challenges and our workplace has changed. We are working hard to provide solutions. Utilizing the feedback that you gave us through last year’s Pulse Survey and collaborative discussions among agency leaders, we have identified three key areas that we believe will enhance your experience as an employee with the State of Indiana: flexible work arrangements, competitive compensation, and employee programming focused on engagement and well-being.

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These policies are effective as of March 7, 2022. 

Flexible Work Arrangements

Today’s environment and technology enable more flexibility in our work schedules and work locations. The Flexible Work Arrangements policy was established to standardize remote work and flexible scheduling options across state agencies while continuing to provide great government service. The Flexible Work Arrangements policy authorizes agencies to evaluate and permit up to 15 hours per week of remote work for employees whose work may be performed outside of state facilities.

Education Reimbursement

Enhancing our teams’ professional knowledge, skills, and abilities reinforces great government service by strengthening the effectiveness and credibility of state employees. To support the continued education of our workforce, all full-time employees who have been employed by a state agency for 12 continuous months may be eligible for reimbursements of up to $5,250 annually.

Referral Bonus Policy

To encourage employee engagement in recruiting talented applicants to their agency, the state has developed a program to offer a financial incentive for successful referrals. A current employee is eligible to receive a $500 referral bonus for each referred candidate hired for a full-time position, $250 for each referred candidate hired for a part-time position, or $100 for each referred candidate hired for an intermittent position.

WHOLE Employee Policy

The State of Indiana believes that when its teams are engaged in learning and development and actively promote wellness, we amplify our capacity to provide great government service. The WHOLE Employee Policy states that agencies may conduct employee engagement, wellness, learning, and development related activities utilizing state property and during compensable work hours.

New Employee Leave

Vacation leave time is currently not available for use by new hires in the first six months of employment, and this, for many, can be a barrier to employment. To address this, INSPD will amend its rules to allow the use of vacation time by new employees upon accrual.

In the interim, Governor Eric J. Holcomb will issue an executive order that will temporarily credit new employees with up to 22.5 hours of personal leave available for use immediately consistent with the state’s standardized leave policies.

Current employees who began employment between:

  • December 6, 2021, and March 6, 2022, will be credited with 22.5 hours of personal leave.
  • October 25, 2021, and December 5, 2021, will be credited with 15 hours of personal leave.
  • September 8, 2021, and October 24, 2021, will be credited with 7.5 hours of personal leave

Community Service Leave

Maximizing our teams’ engagement in charitable service is a service to our state and our communities, and it broadens the meaning and purpose in our work. The Indiana State Personnel Department (INSPD) is in the process of revising our Community Service Leave policy to give fulltime employees 15 hours and part-time employees 7.5 hours, annually. This helps further engage our community of State of Indiana employees in meaningful service to their communities.

In the interim, Governor Eric J. Holcomb will issue an executive order that will immediately raise the individual service cap to 15 hours annually for full-time employees and 7.5 hours for part-time employees.

The new Community Service Leave policy will remove administrative barriers to charitable service. Also, agencies are permitted to host an agency day of service. Employees participating in this day of service will use hours from their annual community service leave time allowance.

Governor's Public Service Achievement Award

The Governor’s Public Service Achievement Awards recognize State of Indiana employees and teams who, through their commitment and innovation at work, have produced a measurable, positive impact on their agency’s finances, operations, or population served. Governor Holcomb will publicly acknowledge awardees for their outstanding contributions in a special ceremony and they will receive a monetary reward. Read more about the 2023 awards.

Re-Employing Retired State Employees

Our long-term employees are a wealth of knowledge in their roles as public servants, and their continued contributions are an asset to our teams. To further engage our long-term employees and retain team members with years of experience in public service, the state will create a Retired State Employee intermittent classification and formalize a program to re-employ team members who want to return to the State of Indiana post-retirement.

Bridge to Retirement

To foster a smooth transition for our retiring employees and their agencies, the Bridge to Retirement program will allow agencies to double-fill positions of long-term employees who have a target retirement date. This will enable a more successful knowledge transfer between the retiring employee and their identified successor.