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SuccessFactors, brought to you by the Indiana State Personnel Department, is the state’s job bank, learning portal, recruiting, and talent management platform. The SuccessFactors platform provides a modern talent management and employee experience!

Log in to SuccessFactors

Beginning April 7, 2021, all users can log in to SuccessFactors using a single link. Click the link below to be taken directly to the login screen. From there you will follow the prompts to log in to your SuccessFactors platform.

Note: The previous log in links redirect to the new link, so users should not experience any issues with logging in. However, for the most accurate log in experience, please begin using this new log in page to access the platform.

If you have questions, view the SuccessFactors Login Guide.

Within the SuccessFactors platform, you can access the following tools:

  • Performance goal planning: Set and track performance goals while providing and receiving consistent feedback, enabling the success and development of every state employee in their current role.
  • Learning: The new SuccessFactors Learning portal allows users and managers to complete and track learning assignments. This new portal takes the place of the previous PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management Center (ELM) for new employee orientation and statewide compliance training needs. View the SuccessFactors Learning Management System User Login Guide.
  • Development planning: Set and achieve development goals that will help you progress in relevant skills, knowledge, and competencies in your current role or for a future role.
  • Careers: Current state employees can use the Career Opportunities section to look for internal job postings. You can also search for jobs, create your candidate profile, submit and track applications, and more.
  • Recruiting: Hiring managers are able to use the recruiting tool to review resumes, select potential candidates, coordinate interviews, and more.