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Drug and Alcohol Testing

General Information

Policy Statement - CDL Holders
Policy Statement - TDPs and other positions
Alcohol & Drug Information for Employee Education

Commercial Driver License

For the safety of its motorists and to comply with federal regulations, Indiana maintains a drug testing program for employees who are required to maintain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). The program encompasses pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post accident, return-to-duty and follow-up drug testing.

Testing Designated Position (TDP)

A position that has been identified by the Agency as one for which pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing is legally permissible.  The Agency Head shall determine and specify the criteria and procedures to be applied in designating a position for testing. View pages 10-11 of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Responsibilities and Procedures for more information.

Follow the applicable procedures listed in the next section, Agency Protocol for Testing Procedures, for each type of testing, i.e. pre-employment, random, etc.

Agency Protocol for Testing Procedures

Electronic Chain of Custody Form (eCCF) Process

As of August 1, 2017, an Electronic Chain of Custody Form (eCCF) replaced the paper chain of custody forms for employees or prospective employees of Indiana state government who visit an approved testing/collection site for a drug or alcohol test. Procedures and forms for on-worksite, mobile unit collections do not change.

The new electronic Chain of Custody form (eCCF) requires a new Off-Site collection form known as an ePassport and must be completed by an authorized and trained individual prior to each drug or alcohol test conducted at a collection site. Authorization is through the agency/facility’s DER or HRD, and training is available in PS/ELM.

Pre-employment Testing

Reasonable Suspicion
Any employee is subject to reasonable suspicion drug/alcohol testing. For non-CDL covered employees, there are general guidelines and protocol to follow. 

Testing for non-CDL covered employees may be initiated if the accident or unsafe practice meets certain criteria. There are very specific criteria for post-accident testing of CDL-covered employees.


Pre-Employment Applicant Testing Form
This form is for a candidate’s signature to acknowledge a pre-employment controlled substance test.  It also indicates the candidate’s acceptance that if the test results are anything other than negative, they will be disqualified for employment with the state of Indiana.

Request/Consent Background Information Form - Applicable to CDL covered positions
These forms are completed to obtain DOT-regulated testing results from previous employers and to inquire if the employee has tested positive or refused to test on a DOT-covered pre-employment test. Form C allows for employee acknowledgement of receipt of educational material.

Please see Agency Protocol for Testing Procedures, Pre-employment CDL for details.

Off-Site Collection
Before proceeding to a collection site, a collection form or eCCF must be created by the DER or Human Resources Representative.  For more information, refer to the link below.

Random Pool Add/Delete Form - CDL Only
This form needs to be completed and faxed to Midwest Toxicology for any event that would require adding or deleting a person’s name to the CDL random testing pool.  Events include:  a new hire employee in a CDL position, for which a negative pre-employment test result has been received, an employee in a CDL position who separates from employment with the state and/or who transfers to another agency or non-CDL position.

Re-order Form for Collection Samples
This form needs to be completed and faxed to Midwest Toxicology when collection kit supplies are low. It may be used to order either CDL or TDP collection kits.

Observed Behavior - Reasonable Suspicion Record
These forms (DOT/CDL and Non-DOT) may be utilized to document the witnessed behaviors of the employee that provokes sending the employee for drug/alcohol testing.

Drug/Alcohol Testing Program Administrator

Midwest Toxicology Services, LLC

Note: At times it may be necessary to utilize a local area collection site for testing that Midwest Toxicology has not scheduled an on-site mobile collection unit. See the Frequently Asked Questions about Using Local Area Collection Sites

List of Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs)