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Performance Management

Performance Management Update

Employees at or over the maximum of their pay range will receive a one-time lump sum non-base building bonus equal to the appropriate percent increase.  In order to determine the pay range for your current job classification, please access the updated job code listing.

Example 1:  An employee whose salary is $75,000 (assume this is the pay range maximum) per year who earns a 2% P4P increase will receive a one-time lump sum non-base building bonus of $1,500.

Example 2:  An employee classified as a Secretary 3 whose salary is $32,000 and meets expectations will receive a base building increase up to the pay range maximum of $32,422 and a lump sum bonus of $218 (2% of $32,000 is $640 - $422 as base building and $218 as the bonus).

If you have any additional questions, please contact your agency’s Human Resources office.

Ongoing Performance Management Process

Each year, state agencies set goals for the year ensuring continuous improvement in results achieved over last year. Those global goals cascade down to the goals for each division and individual. Do you know how your individual performance expectations directly support and contribute to the success of your division and you agency? Do you know how success on each of your expectations is measured? If not, engage your immediate supervisor in a discussion.

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What’s so SMART about this process?

The foundation of this process is setting SMART goals.

Relevant to the agency’s strategic plans
Time sensitive

About Performance Management

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Classified Working Test Appraisal (State Form 53740)
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