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About Indiana Moneywise

Forty-one percent of U.S. adults, or more than 92 million people living in America, gave themselves a grade of C, D or F on their knowledge of personal finance, leaving substantial room for improvement. Two-thirds of Hoosiers owning financial investments have little or no knowledge about potential fraud schemes. Too many people do not have the basic financial knowledge needed to manage and grow their money.

The Indiana Secretary of State’s office is here to help. Indiana MoneyWise is an education program designed to teach Hoosiers the skills needed to be both financially fit and wise investors. From budgeting basics to investor education to fraud prevention, we provide you with free programming, tools, and resources for improving your financial fitness, and the MoneyWise Matters blog serves as an extension of the Indiana MoneyWise program. Through weekly blog posts, the MoneyWise team expands outreach efforts to a larger Indiana audience and beyond.

We encourage you to explore the Indiana MoneyWise main site. Start by watching the $CAMMED documentary. It's a 30-minute film featuring the stories of real investment fraud in Indiana. Check out the "Money Skills for Newlywed Couples" guide and play a virtual football game aimed at testing your financial knowledge. Attend Indiana MoneyWise outreach events held throughout the state to improve your knowledge of money management and fraud prevention. And don’t forget to visit our contact us page to learn how you can schedule a free presentation with an outreach specialist from our office.

Find out more about the Indiana Secretary of State's office

There are four main divisions that comprise the Secretary of State's office (Click on the name of the services to learn more): Business Services Division, Election Division, Securities Division, and Auto Dealer Services Division.