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Military and Overseas Voters Absentee Ballot Forms

Beginning July 1, 2023, a voter must provide with any absentee ballot application, including the FPCA,  EITHER a photocopy of identification card that complies with the state’s photo ID law OR one or more of the following voter identification numbers:

  1. the voter’s Indiana driver’s license number or Indiana identification card number;
  2. the voter’s unique voter ID number assigned to their voter registration record in SVRS; or
  3. the last four digits of the voter’s Social Security number.

If the voter is providing a photocopy of their identification card, the county will evaluate whether the ID complies with the state’s photo ID law (IC 3-5-2-40.5) before processing the absentee application. Absentee applications can be sent by email; therefore, scanned image or a photograph, for example, of the voter’s identification is acceptable.

If the voter opts to provide a voter identification number instead, then the voter only needs to provide one of the three numbers noted above in section 6 of the FPCA form However, it is recommended that the voter provide more than one number since at least one will need to match the voter’s registration record or, if not available on their registration record, match against the number maintained by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles or U.S. Social Security Administration. If a voter ID number is not on the voter’s registration record AND the voter ID number is successfully matched against BMV or Social Security records, then the number will be added to the voter’s registration record.

The voter’s absentee ballot application may be delayed if the county election board cannot match at least one of the identification numbers with the voter's registration record or with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles or U.S. Social Security Administration OR a photocopy of the voter’s identification card is not included in the application. Voters will receive notice from their county election administrator if an absentee application is found defective or is rejected.

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