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IED Staff

The Indiana Election Division is a bi-partisan office. The co-directors are appointed by the Governor at the recommendation of their respective political party chairs and employ an equal number of persons who are affiliated with their political party. The Indiana Election Division cannot take any action or provide the official position of the office unless both Co-Directors agree.


J. Bradley King, Co-Director,, 317-233-0929 Party Affiliation: Republican

Angela M. Nussmeyer, Co-Director,, 317-232-3940 Party Affiliation: Democratic

Valerie Warycha, Co-General Counsel,, 317-232-3929 Party Affiliation: Republican

Matthew R. Kochevar, Co-General Counsel,, 317-232-3942 Party Affiliation: Democratic

Michelle Thompson, Campaign Finance,, 317-232-3941Party Affiliation: Republican

Abbey Taylor, Campaign Finance,, 317-232-3928 Party Affiliation: Democratic

Lori Clark, Data Scientist,, 317-232-3938 Party Affiliation: Republican

Stephanie Davidsen , Special Projects,, 317-233-5247 Party Affiliation: Democratic

Joe McLain, Executive Assistant,, 317-233-1948 Party Affiliation: Republican

Kimmy Hollowell-Williams, Executive Assistant,, 317-232-3939 Party Affiliation: Democratic

HAVA Administrator,, 317-234-8354

302 West Washington Street
Room E-204
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Front Desk
Phone: 317.232.3939
Fax: 317-233-6793

Hoosier Voter Hotline