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IED Staff

The Indiana Election Division is open by appointment only.  To schedule an appointment, please email elections@iec.in.gov or call (317) 232-3939.


J. Bradley King, Co-Director, bking@iec.in.gov, 317-233-0929

Angela M. Nussmeyer, Co-Director, anussmeyer@iec.in.gov, 317-232-3940

Valerie Warycha, Co-Legal Counsel, vawarycha@iec.in.gov, 317-232-3929

Matthew R. Kochevar, Co-Legal Counsel, mkochevar@iec.in.gov, 317-232-3942

Michelle Thompson, Campaign Finance, mthompson@iec.in.gov, 317-232-3941

Abbey Taylor, Campaign Finance, abtaylor@iec.in.gov, 317-232-3928

Lori Clark, Data Scientist, lclark@iec.in.gov, 317-232-3938

Stephanie Davidsen , Special Projects, sdavidsen@iec.in.gov, 317-233-5247

Joe McLain, Executive Assistant, jmclain@iec.in.gov, 317-233-1948

Kimmy Hollowell-Williams, Executive Assistant, khollowell@iec.in.gov, 317-232-3939

Brandon Kline, HAVA Administrator, HAVAadministrator@sos.in.gov, 317-234-8354

302 West Washington Street
Room E-204
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Front Desk
Phone: 317.232.3939
Fax: 317-233-6793
E-mail: elections@iec.in.gov

Hoosier Voter Hotline