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2nd Congressional District Special Election

FAQ about 2nd Congressional District Special Election

Notice of Vacancy, Executive Order for Special Election, and Notice of Caucuses and State Party Committee Meetings

2nd Congressional District Candidate Filings:

Write In Candidate: Godette, Marla  CAN-55

Libertarian Candidate: Henry, William  CAN-57

Democrat Candidate: Steury, Paul  CAN-52 CAN-53

Republican Candidate: Yakym III, Rudolph  CAN-31 CAN-52

Barkman, Dallas  CAN-31 CAN-52

Harper III, Terry  CAN-31 CAN-52

Hill Jr., Curtis  CAN-31 CAN-52

Hogberg, Michael  CAN-31 CAN-52

Hoeflinger, Mick  CAN-52

Huffman, Scott  CAN-31 CAN-52

Koors, Daniel  CAN-31 CAN-52

Kane, Tiernan  CAN-31 CAN-52

Layne, Marvin  CAN-31 CAN-52

Nidiffer, Michael  CAN-31

Nisly, Curtis  CAN-31 CAN-52

Stutzman, Christy  CAN-31 CAN-52

Wise, Scott  CAN-31 CAN-52