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I am pleased to welcome you to Indiana’s first comprehensive online civics resource page!

As the state’s chief elections official, I have made it my duty to foster civic participation among all Hoosiers.  Whether you are a voter, student, educator, or would simply like to learn more about our electoral process, this website contains something for you.  Be sure to test your knowledge by taking our Civics Quiz.  You can even share your score through social media!  I also urge you to register to vote and become civically engaged – the future of our Democracy depends on it.

Have fun exploring!

Connie Lawson
Indiana Secretary of State




We recently tested the civic knowledge of Hoosiers enjoying a beautiful day in downtown Indianapolis, take a look and see how they did!

Civics Spotlight

Have a look at our new 4th grade 
lesson plan "Make Your Voice Heard"

Bicentennial Partner

We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Indiana Bicentennial Commission.