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Trademark Search

Trademark Search

Welcome to the Indiana Secretary of State's trademark database page. This free service is designed to help Indiana citizens and others access public Indiana trademark records quickly and easily. This database contains information regarding the status of all trademarks on file with the state of Indiana. Please contact us with any comments, suggestions or problems.

Search for a Trademark


  1. Print this page for a copy of the step by step instructions.

  2. Choose to search by one of 3 different criteria:
    1. Name of trademark (for example, Colts)
    2. Description of trademark (for example, eagle, star, or turtle)
    3. Owner of the trademark. (for example, Motor Speedway)

  3. If the search is unsatisfactory, click "Search Again."

  4. Each result will have the following links:
    1. View Certificate - This allows you to view the trademark's certificate, which is issued by the Secretary of State's office.
    2. View Application - This allows you to view all paperwork associated with the mark. It will always contain the original application; and might also contain amendments, assignments, or other filing.
    3. View Sample - This allows you to view a sample of the trademark in use.

  5. To access the certificate, you must have Adobe Reader. You can download it here: You may then print or download the certificate.

  6. The applications and samples will appear via your internet browser. They will be presented as tif files, and you have the option to download or print these. Tif documents can be viewed with Imaging (on Windows 95/98/2000) and Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (on Windows XP).