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About the Office

What does the office do and what is it responsible for?

The Office of Secretary of State is one of five constitutional offices originally designated in Indiana's State Constitution of 1816. Sixty Hoosiers have served as the third highest-ranking official in state government.

Historically the duties of the office included the maintenance of state records and preservation of the state seal, but as state government expanded so did the responsibilities of the Secretary of State. Present duties include chartering of new business, regulation of the securities industry, oversight of state elections, commissioning of notaries public, registration of trademarks and licensing of vehicle dealerships throughout Indiana.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the office of Secretary of State Diego Morales to deliver to the people of Indiana government-as-a-service that focuses on unqualified integrity and accuracy in our elections, consistent and principled regulatory methods, ceaseless protection of Hoosier investors, and the most efficient use of taxpayer resources.


* Sound business practice.

* Outstanding customer service.

* Smart government ideals.

What services make up the Secretary of State's office?

There are four main divisions that comprise the Secretary of State's office (Click on the name of the services to learn more): Business Services Division, Election Division, Securities Division and Auto Dealer Services Division.