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Inmate Programs

Inmate Programs and Services

The mission of the Morgan County Jail is to offer quality programming concentrated on rehabilitation and reentry by addressing the mental, emotional and educational needs of inmates. All inmates are eligible for program services, though the type of service available may vary based on, but not limited to, housing classification, behavior and need. Inmates interested in participating in program services must submit the appropriate application or a request form on the kiosk or tablet requesting to participate in programs.

If you are a member of the public and would like to be considered as a volunteer for Religious Services, Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous then please contact our program coordinator to obtain an application and for approval as a volunteer.

Lieutenant Andrew Moore is the Program Coordinator. He can be contacted at (765) 342-5173 or

Download A Volunteer Info Packet ​ ​ ​

We Offer the Following Programs and Services

Inmate Worker Program
The Inmate Worker Program at our facility offers selected inmates the opportunity to engage in work assignments within the jail premises. Participants in this program contribute to various on- site tasks and operations, ranging from facility maintenance to kitchen duties. This program not only provides inmates with constructive ways to spend their time but also equips them with valuable skills and work experience that can be beneficial upon their reintegration into the community. Participation is subject to eligibility criteria and is designed to foster a sense of responsibility, work ethic, and teamwork among the inmate population.

Work Release Program
The Jail Work Release Program is designed to support inmates in maintaining or obtaining employment while serving their time. This innovative program allows eligible inmates the privilege of leaving the facility to work at their private employers' locations during the day and returning to the jail at the end of their work shift. The initiative not only aids in the inmates' smooth transition back into society by keeping them employed but also helps in fostering a sense of responsibility, independence, and financial stability. Participation in the work release program is contingent upon meeting specific criteria, ensuring that inmates benefit from continued employment while adhering to their correctional commitments.

Jail Community Corrections Worker Program
The Jail Community Corrections Worker Program offers a unique opportunity for selected inmates to engage in work assignments outside the jail facility, directly benefiting local government entities and not-for-profit organizations. Participants may be involved in a variety of tasks, including but not limited to working with road crews for community clean-up projects. This program aims to provide inmates with meaningful work experiences that contribute positively to the community, while also helping them develop a strong work ethic and valuable skills useful for their reentry into society. Participation is contingent upon meeting specific eligibility requirements, ensuring that those selected for the program are prepared for the responsibility and opportunity to make a constructive impact on the community.

Religious Programs and Services
Religious services are administered by volunteer ministers and others specifically designated by the Jail Chaplain. Community clergymen who wish to pay a pastoral visit to the jail must have approval from the inmate programs administrator before visiting the facility. There are regular services and religious counseling sessions offered for your spiritual growth and moral guidance.

Mental Health
Our facility is committed to the mental and emotional well-being of all inmates by offering comprehensive behavioral health services. These services are designed to address a wide range of mental health needs, including counseling, therapy, and crisis intervention. Inmates seeking assistance with their mental health can initiate contact by filling out a health service request form, which will be promptly addressed by our behavioral health team. We emphasize the importance of immediate communication in instances of crisis or suicidal thoughts. Any inmate experiencing such thoughts is urged to speak to any officer or health services staff member without delay. Prompt support and intervention will be provided to ensure the safety and well-being of the individual. Our goal is to create a supportive environment where inmates can access the care they need in a timely and respectful manner.

Medical Services
The facility offers a wide range of medical services to ensure the health and well-being of all inmates. From routine check-ups to emergency care, our dedicated health services staff is equipped to address various medical needs. Inmates can access these services by submitting a health service request form. Immediate medical attention is available for urgent health concerns, and continuous care is provided for chronic conditions. Our medical team is trained to handle medical emergencies and provide support for mental health issues as well. If an inmate experiences urgent medical concerns or symptoms, they are encouraged to inform any officer or health services staff member promptly to receive the necessary medical assistance.

Military Veterans
Morgan County Jail recognizes the unique needs of veterans within its inmate population and offers specialized services to assist them in accessing the benefits they are entitled to. Veterans in need of contacting the Veterans Administration for any assistance can do so by submitting a request form to the re-entry specialist/discharge planner designated for veteran services. Through a partnership with the Morgan County Veteran Service Office, our facility connects inmates with fellow veterans who are trained, accredited, and knowledgeable about navigating the complexities of veteran benefits. These experts are equipped to file claims on behalf of the veterans, guide them through the appeal process, and provide comprehensive advice on the benefits available to them.

Alcohol/Drug Counseling
Inmates dealing with alcohol and drug abuse issues have the opportunity to request assistance through our comprehensive counseling program. By submitting a request form, individuals can gain access to a variety of support options designed to address their addictions. This program includes both in-custody and community-based services and resources tailored to the needs of the inmates. Upon making a request, inmates will be provided with detailed information about the available programs, including individual and group counseling sessions. Our facility collaborates with a number of specialized programs and services such as the Residential Substance Abuse Program (RSAP), Point of Impact (POI), and in-house social worker-led groups, along with individual counseling options. Additionally, support groups like Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are available to offer further assistance.
Inmates interested in participating in these programs or seeking more information are encouraged to contact the inmate programs administrator. This suite of alcohol and drug counseling services is designed to offer inmates the support and tools necessary for recovery and rehabilitation, facilitating a positive transition back into the community.

Life Skills and Vocational Counseling
Inmates interested in enhancing their life skills and seeking vocational counseling have the opportunity to access these resources through the jail's partnership with Centerstone, a community organization that offers such services. To express interest and request participation in life skills training or vocational counseling, inmates should submit a request to the inmate programs administrator. Upon receipt of the request, the administrator will review the inmate's needs and work to coordinate the appropriate classes or counseling sessions.
Centerstone serves as a valuable resource both in-house during incarceration and after release, ensuring continuity of care and support for inmates as they prepare for reintegration into the community. This collaboration is aimed at providing inmates with the tools and skills necessary for personal development and successful transition post-incarceration.

Re-entry and Discharge Services
Inmates aiming to prepare for their reintegration into society and ensure a smooth discharge process have access to re-entry and discharge planning programs offered by the Morgan County Jail. Interested inmates are encouraged to send their request to the inmate programs administrator, who will review the request and work to provide appropriate classes or vocational counseling tailored to the inmate's needs. The jail employs an in-house case manager dedicated to assisting with these services, focusing on equipping inmates with vital life skills, employment readiness, and the necessary resources to support their transition back into the community. This approach is aimed at reducing recidivism and fostering successful post-release outcomes by providing inmates with the tools they need for a successful re-entry into society.

Work Release Program / Jail Corrections Worker Program

The Morgan County Jail Work Release provides an alternative sentencing option for those convicted of crimes that are non-violent and non-sex related. Residents are responsible for their own transportation, healthcare and food. Canteen food systems is the provider for meals. It is the responsibility of the resident to pay subsistence (room and board) while serving their sentence.

Residents of the work release are allowed to maintain ties to the community through employment, rehabilitative services, religious worship, community service and educational betterment. While maintaining these relationships are important, it is still a correctional environment, which means that all activities are monitored and approved before allowed. ​​

Mailing Address:

Morgan County Jail Work Release
160 N. Park Ave
Martinsville, IN 46158 ​

Lt. Eric Mullikin, Work Release Administrator

Phone Number: (765) 342-4303 Opt. 6
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m

Download Work Release Info Packet

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