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History of the Board

Established by the Indiana General Assembly, the State Board of Education oversees K-12 education policymaking in the State of Indiana. The bipartisan board is composed of eleven members, including the Secretary of Education. Eight members are appointed by the Governor and must include:

  • At least six appointees with professional experience in the field of education;
  • Not more than one appointee from a particular congressional district; and
  • Not more than five appointees belonging to the same political party.

The remaining two board members are appointed by the Speaker of the Indiana House Representatives and the President Pro Tempore of the Indiana Senate respectively.

IC 20-18-3-1 states that the Constitution of the State of Indiana provides that the general assembly establishes the education policies for the state of Indiana. The general assembly has delegated duties to the state board in IC 20-19-2-14 and other statutes and may continue to authorize the state board to establish policies and procedures in the manner set forth by statute. The department is responsible for administering and carrying out the duties of the department as provided by IC 20-19-3-4 and other statutes and by the policies and procedures established by the state board in the manner set forth in statute.

More information about the State Board of Education's formation, duties, and powers over the years can be found here.