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Charter & Innovation Network School Grant Program

The Charter and Innovation Network School Grant Program, Indiana Code 20-24-13, provides grants to qualifying charter schools. The program is administered by the State Board of Education.

The appropriation for this year's awards is $15,000,000, and each eligible school should receive $500 per pupil.  The grant will be disbursed to schools in two payments; one based on ADM estimates, and the second payment based on the fall ADM counts.  If $500 per pupil causes the total to be more than the $15,000,000 appropriation, in the second payment the per pupil will be reduced to ensure the total disbursed is equal to $15,000,000.

Board staff will email each school a voucher form; please confirm the information is correct, sign, and email it back.  Relevant documents, including a list of estimated eligible schools, can be found below.  Again, board staff will be reaching out to all eligible schools with a voucher to sign.  The application window closed on September 17, 2018 at midnight.  Questions and applications can be directed to applications@sboe.in.gov.


Program Information

Eligible Schools