State Board of Education - September 4, 2013


Indiana Government Center South

Conference Room A

402 W Washington St

Indianapolis, IN 46204


9:00 am - Business Meeting


I. Call to Order

A. Roll Call

B. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Approval of Minutes

draft minutes

III. Statement of the Chair


IV. Board Member Comments and Reports 


V. Public General Comment


VI. Best Practices

Outreach Division of School Improvement - presentation

VII. Discussion

A. Turnaround Academies and Lead Partner updates

a. Lead Partner presentations

 i. IPS - Longitudinal data

ii. TNTP - presentation

iii. Scholastic - presentation

iv. Voyager/Cambium - presentation

v. Amplify - presentation

b. Lead Partner contract updates - update

c. Reporting template presentations -   IDOE template   mayors template  presentation

VIII. New Business - Action

A.  Lead Partner recommendation for George Washington - memo

B. Final approval of proposed rule to align 511 IAC 7-40-8 (consent requirements for special education reevaluations) with federal requirements - memo

C. Approval of Emergency Rule and to initiate rulemaking for Special Education Nonpublic School Scholarships, as required in HEA1003 (Nonpublic School Scholarships) - Emergency Rule

D. Approval to initiate rulemaking and of proposed language for amendments to 511 IAC 48 to align with the new fiscal year cycle for state tuition support - memo

IX. Consent Agenda

A. School Technology Advance Applications - memo

B. SBOE Petition Resolution 

a. SBOE Hearing No. 1305008 - memo

b. SBOE Hearing No. 1305005 - memo

C. Re-adoption/Expiration of Rules scheduled to expire on Dec. 31, 2013 - memo

D. Governing Body Plan changes for Southeast Dubois County School Corporation - memo   

X. Discussion

A. Glenwood Leadership Academy - school data  presentation

B. ISTEP+ analysis discussion, Dr. Hill - presentation

C. Electronic participation in meetings - memo

D. Common Core State Standards Review Process - presentation  timeline

E. Presentation on compensation models, IEERB and IDOE

F. HEA1005 Remediation Guidance update - update

G. A-F policy discussion 

X. Board Operations

2014 meeting dates - 2014 proposed dates

Board orientation and strategic planning

SBOE Staffing