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Motorcycle Learner's Permit

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To obtain a motorcycle learner’s permit, an applicant must pass a motorcycle knowledge exam and a vision screening. A motorcycle learner’s permit may only be renewed one time. Anyone not obtaining a motorcycle endorsement prior to the second permit expiring must wait for a period of one year before applying for another permit to take a motorcycle skills exam. However, individuals can participate in an approved Ride Safe Indiana motorcycle safety training course at any time to receive an endorsement upon successful completion.

A person operating a motorcycle while in possession of a motorcycle learner’s permit must, by law, abide by the following:

  • Hold a valid Indiana driver’s license.
  • May operate a motorcycle on public roads for the duration of the one-year permit, under the following restrictions:
    • Must wear a helmet that meets the standards established by the United States Department of Transportation under 49CFR571.218.
    • Operate a motorcycle only during daylight hours.
    • Must not carry passengers.

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