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Planning the Perfect Summer Road Trip

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With the ease of travel restrictions and motorcycle season about to begin, many riders may be excited to start planning a road trip. To help riders plan a successful trip, we’ve put together some motorcycle road trip planning considerations and tips.

Before setting out on a motorcycle trip, careful planning is key. Look for well-maintained roads and highways with light traffic. Carefully evaluate the weather for the duration of your trip – you don’t want to get caught in a storm!

A less obvious consideration when planning a trip is your physical conditioning. Riders will want to work up their stamina on the bike before embarking on a long trip. Early rides should be relatively short and gradually increase as your body adapts. Think of riding a motorcycle like running a distance race, you wouldn’t attempt 13 miles without training first.

If you’re planning a longer trip, consider having a professional mechanic check your bike before heading out. Tires are very important for a safe ride, so pay extra attention to your tires and tire pressure before a lengthy trip. When packing for a long trip, maintain a low center of gravity by placing heavy items on the lowest level of your bike’s storage. Also remember that sunscreen is important as you probably won’t feel the sun’s rays as air flows across you.

West Baden Motorcycle Trip

What makes a motorcycle trip special? Long-time motorcycle rider and enthusiast, Jeff Smith, said it’s the experience. “It’s the smells, the openness; all your senses are ramped up when you’re riding a motorcycle,” Smith said. “You’re living and experiencing your surroundings. It’s not so much the destination, it’s the journey.”

The fun part of planning a trip is choosing a destination. Hoosier riders flock to southern Indiana for the winding roads, rolling hills and one-of-a-kind destinations. Popular destinations are The Overlook Restaurant in Leavenworth, IN along the Ohio River, and the West Baden Resort in French Lick, IN. A little closer to central Indiana is the town of Story, IN, which is surrounded by Brown County State Park, providing scenic views along the way. For a ride in northern Indiana, check out US Highway 12 through the Indiana Dunes. There you'll find camping, public beaches and several picnic areas. Of course, there are several more routes and destinations available for motorcyclists online.

Wherever you decide to ride to this season, RSI hopes you have a safe and fun ride. For training and additional safety tips, explore our website.