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Application Process

When applying for financial support, grant seekers can expect a six-step application process:

1. Letter of Inquiry: The applicant submits a one-page letter of inquiry to the President & CEO. Click here to submit Letter of Inquiry. The President & CEO will respond with an Acknowledgment of Receipt via email.

2. Initial Review: The President & CEO reviews the letter of inquiry and upon receipt, assigns resources and arranges a meeting to further review the proposed project. The initial review would identify the estimated cost of the project, scope of work, appropriate funding options and other sources of funding.

3. Notice to Proceed: The President & CEO will send an email confirming the applicant may proceed with submitting an application. Applicant would begin preparing the application for financial support to the RDA.

4. Submit Application: The RDA accepts application submitted online only. Click here to Submit Your Application. Upon receipt, the application will be reviewed by the RDA Staff for completeness. Staff will identify and ascertain:

  • Scope of work
  • Financial leverage and feasibility
  • Critical path issues
  • Compliance issues
  • Other technical considerations
  • This review may include further interactions with, and input from, the applicant.

5. Accepting Application: Following the review for completeness, the RDA President & CEO will make a recommendation to the RDA Board for a decision on acceptance. If accepted by the RDA Board for consideration, the application will be assigned to the appropriate RDA Working Group for review

  • Staff will continue to work with applicant on technical project issues
  • The applicant will present the project to the Working Group
  • A formal recommendation will be forwarded to the entire RDA Board which will render a funding decision

6. Grant Approval: If a project has been granted funding approval by the RDA Board, RDA Staff will work with grantee on the following:

  • Grant Agreement
  • Funding distribution schedule
  • Reporting Requirements