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County Public Defender Board Information & Open Positions

Current Open Board Positions:

The Commission is currently seeking nominations for appointment or re-appointment of County Public Defender Board members in the following counties:

  • Clinton County
  • Elkhart County
  • Jefferson County


Upcoming Commission Meeting (when the appointments will be considered): September 22, 2021

Nominees must reside in the county and meet all other requirements listed below under "Requirements for board members".

If you have any comments for the Commission, are interested in being considered to become a board member, or would like to make a nomination, please email information@pdcom.in.gov.

A member of the Commission staff will follow-up with you. All emailed comments will be shared with all appointed members of the Commission.

Commission meetings begin at 2 p.m. Eastern. The public may attend in person (309 W. Washington St, Suite 501, Indianapolis, IN, 46202) or virtually. Information about how to join the meeting virtually will be posted on the front page of Commission's website at least 48 hours before the meeting in the "News & Announcements" section.

General Information:

Indiana Code 33-40-7 governs the membership of non-exempt county public defender boards.

The boards consist of three (3) members:

  • 1 appointment by the County Judges who exercise criminal and juvenile jurisdiction
  • 1 appointment by the Board of County Commissioners
  • 1 appointment by the Indiana Public Defender Commission (effective upon the first expiration of a current judicial appointment prior to July 1, 2019)

The Commission's STANDARD A also provides additional guidance for the operation of County Public Defender Boards.

Requirements for board members:

The statute requires that members "shall be persons who have demonstrated an interest in high quality legal representation for indigent persons."

Indiana law prohibits the following individuals from serving on a board:

  • a city, town, or county attorney
  • a law enforcement officer
  • a judge
  • a court employee
  • an employee of the department of child services
  • an attorney who provides representation to indigent persons in the county managed by the board, or
  • an employee of any individuals listed above

Term of Service:

  • Three (3) years, beginning on the date of the member's appointment to the board.
  • If a successor has not been appointed before the end of a member's three (3) year term, the current member shall continue the member's service until a successor has been appointed.

Meeting & Chair Requirements:

  • The members shall, by a majority vote, elect one member to serve as a chairperson.
  • The board shall meet, at least, on a quarterly basis.
    • The board may convene additional meetings upon the request of the chairperson, or two (2) serving members of the board

Interim Appointments:

In cases of an unexpected vacancy, the Commission Chair is authorized to make an interim appointment if a consensus candidate is identified. The individual would serve until the next scheduled Commission meeting, when the appointment will be considered.