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Capital (Death Penalty) Attorney Roster

The lists of attorneys set forth herein represent those attorneys who have expressed interest in appointment in death penalty cases and have indicated to the Commission their compliance with the experience and training requirements of Criminal Rule 6.1. The Commission undertakes no verification of these representations. No evaluation of counsel's skill is undertaken by the Commission.

The fact that an attorney's name is absent from these lists does not mean an attorney is unqualified under Rule 6.1. Also, an attorney's inclusion in this list reflects only that the attorney requested inclusion and indicated compliance at the time he or she contacted the Commission. Trial judges must independently verify that an attorney meets the qualifications prior to appointment.

Criminal Rule 6.1 contains a continuing legal education requirement that must be met by attorneys representing the indigent prior to being appointed to a capital case. To be eligible to serve as lead or co-counsel, Criminal Rule 6.1 states an attorney must “have completed within two (2) years prior to appointment at least twelve (12) hours of training in the defense of capital cases in a course approved by the Indiana Public Defender Commission”. See CR 6.1.

Although a course may be approved for CLE credit by the Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education, it is not automatically approved for Criminal Rule 6.1 death penalty training credit. The Indiana Public Defender Commission must review a course before credit will be awarded for Criminal Rule 6.1 purposes. Courses are not reviewed automatically. You may view a list of courses that have received approval. An attorney wishing to receive credit for a course that is not currently on this list must submit a request to the Commission along with a copy of the course agenda (and list of presenters if possible). The Commission recommends sending a request at least three months in advance of any course registration deadline as not all courses will be approved. The Commission will review the course material at its next scheduled quarterly meeting and inform the requesting attorney of its decision.

Criminal Rule 6.1 qualified attorneys wishing to be listed on the Capital Case Roster need to submit the "Application for Listing on the Capital Case Roster of Attorneys" to the Commission. Attorneys listed on the Capital Case Roster must submit a "Report to the Commission of Training Completed in the Defense of Capital Cases" to the Commission each time they complete a seminar/continuing legal education course related to defending capital cases.

Click HERE for the Capital Case Roster Application & Reporting Documents

If you are a judge or attorney with a new or pending capital case and need verification of Criminal Rule 6.1 eligibility immediately, please contact us at 317-233-6908 or via e-mail at

Click HERE for the Current Capital (Death Penalty) Attorney Roster

In capital (death penalty) cases, all Indiana Counties may receive reimbursement for 50 percent of applicable expenses. In accordance with Criminal Rule 6.1, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Office of Judicial Administration adjusts the hourly rate paid in capital cases biennially.

 Effective until December 31, 2022Effective January 1, 2023
Capital (Death Penalty) Case Hourly Rate **$129$136

** Please note: The effective rate at the time the death penalty request was filed remains in effect throughout the life of the case unless the case is remanded to the trial court after appeal.