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Registration Information

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In order to transmit data to INSPECT, pharmacies may begin the registration process by visiting If the pharmacy already has a Clearinghouse account for another state, you may log in and add Indiana as a Submission Destination.

In order to query patient prescription history, please visit the INSPECT PDMP and click on "Create an Account” to apply for an account. 

Please complete all required fields. Law enforcement and Court Staff users must also attach a Letter of Intent signed by their supervisor. 

Once a registration application is submitted online, the application will be reviewed by the INSPECT staff. If approved for access, you should receive your PDMP login information via email within 2-3 business days of submitting your account registration form.

User Guides

Once your application has been accepted, please review our usage policies and guidelines available on the Policies page.‚Äč

Who is eligible to gain access to the information collected by INSPECT?

  1. Health professionals who are licensed to prescribe or dispense controlled substances in the United States and who are actively and directly providing medical or pharmaceutical treatment, or evaluating the need for providing such treatment, to a patient
  2. Prescriber delegates who are approved and supervised by a registered prescriber to make patient requests on behalf of said supervisor.
  3. Law Enforcement, when an investigation involving an individual or proceeding involving the unlawful diversion or misuse of schedule II, III, IV or V controlled substances. The information obtained must assist in the active investigation
  4. Court staff and Probation Officers, in the course of completing a presentence investigation, in the course of determining eligibility or suitability for a program, service or community supervision condition, or in the course of case managing an individual pre- or post-conviction if the individual's conditions of supervision or program participation require they abstain from the use of controlled substances or undergo chemical testing to detect and confirm the presence of a controlled substance.
  5. Attorney General's Office, if they are involved in an investigation, adjudication, or a prosecution regarding a violation of state/federal laws concerning controlled substances
  6. Licensing Boards engaged in an investigation of a licensee

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