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Error Correction

The two types of error corrections are uncorrected errors and processed records errors.

  • Uncorrected errors are records that were flagged after the validation process of the file upload.  These prescription records were rejected and did not make it into the database with the other records contained in the file, and are not visible on INSPECT Reports. Typically, the record is missing or has invalid information or a missing segment.
  • Errors within processed records made it through the validation process, and are visible on the INSPECT Reports. These errors occurred at the pharmacy level when incorrect information is entered into the pharmacy software system.

Upload Error Correction

It is the responsibility of each pharmacy to correct ALL outstanding errors from file submissions to remain compliant with the Indiana Board of Pharmacy. Prescription records marked "uncorrected errors" do not make it into the INSPECT database.

INSPECT will validate each record and reject only those records which do not meet the validation requirements.  Processing time takes 24 hours.  Please be sure to check back the next day to view if your file processed successfully and if there were any errors.  The pharmacy can view and correct each rejected prescription record through the PMP Clearinghouse.

Correcting Processed Prescription Records

These types of errors occur when incorrect information has been reported to INSPECT, and those records have gone through the validation process and are visible on INSPECT Reports.


  • Prescription was attributed to the wrong prescriber or the wrong DEA was entered
  • Patient's name or date of birth was entered incorrectly
  • Prescription was returned to stock

You will first need to make the corrections in the pharmacy’s software system. Then you will need to make corrections in the PMP Clearinghouse to correct the reported prescription within INSPECT.  Pharmacists and Pharmacists-in-Charge who have provided their employer's identifier in their account registration may also correct errant records via AWARxE. Error Correction may be found under the Data tab and Rx Management.

If you have any trouble completing this process or questions regarding error correction, please contact the INSPECT via the Bamboo Health Support Center for assistance: 
Bamboo Health Support Center

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