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Michigan City Municipal Water

The IURC set new rates for Michigan City's municipal water utility in 2015, approving a settlement agreement between the OUCC and the city.

The agreement granted the city its first water rate increase since 2004. A monthly residential bill for 700 cubic feet of water is expected to rise from $21.56 to $27.91, including fire protection charges. The agreement also allowed the city to issue up to $8.64 million in long term debt. The changes will cover the costs of proposed capital improvements, along with increases in operating and maintenance costs.

The OUCC issued an October 23, 2014 news release to invite consumer comments.

To review the rate case's file, visit the IURC's Electronic Document System.

Municipal sewer/wastewater rates and charges are exempt from IURC oversight, with jurisdiction at the local government level.